where can i find the reservoir & gaskets for trim pump


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Jun 1, 2021
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1987 Amberjack 270
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so the bracket on my outdrive tilt pump broke last season, and wore out the gaskets to the reservoir from movement. I want to order a new reservoir and keep the old as a spare. trying to find the oem # on the original pump to match up. so on the outside of the pump towards the back there is a # 827E. when i remove the reservoir and look in the pump there is a #380, then under that is 205621. are these the oem#'s? i try to post pics, but its ask me for url, and i dont have a url in my files to upload that i can see.. any way it is an alpha 1 gen 1 outdrive, and the reservoir has a single screw attaching it to the pump from underneath. any help is appreciated. thanks
i try to post pics, but its ask me for url, and i dont have a url in my files to upload that i can see..
While I can't help with the reservoir, you should just be able to drag and drop your picture into the active edit area.
this is what i bought using those same numbers and even though they say its a replacement it does not fit. the opening is smaller than my original, they look exactly the same, but they are not
Now I am curious....

Only difference I see is the support fins inside on the new one are smaller and slightly different in shape. But flange looks the same. Maybe mounting bolt hole in the center not the same, as it looks like it sits lower than original? Just spitballing here.

Looking at your year boat and the pics, it is an Odine pump, assy # 86580A25 Available for around $900. List about $1100
Plastic tank is part # 18525A1 (same as you say you bought) NLA.. at Mercruiserparts.com

There was also a Prestolite pump setup in those years, but entirely different than the one you have in the pics

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