Who are you? What do you do?

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How long have you been boating?

  1. Newbie year or less!!

  2. Rookie 1 to 5 years

  3. Beginner 5 to 10 years

  4. Captain 10 to 20 years

  5. Professional 20 to 30 years

  6. Expert 30 +++ years

  1. IanBat

    IanBat New Member

    Nov 19, 2011
    Sydney, Australia
    Pro Tournament 36' 1999
    Twin Cummins 5.9L 370hp B Series
    Hi Fred,
    Your lucky your wife is a Dietician...............Mines a Pyschologist...I'm alright, I'm Alright, i'm Alright !!!!
  2. KnowBodyYouKnow

    KnowBodyYouKnow New Member

    Dec 23, 2011
    Norwalk , Ct.
    2006 260 Sundancer
    6.2 Horizon w/bravo 3
    My name is Barry . I've been working on cars for the last 35 or so years ? I've owned a boat for the last 12 years . Sea Rays of course ! Love the forum , keep up the good work guys !
  3. itsabowtime2

    itsabowtime2 Member

    Jan 12, 2010
    PNW, via TN MI, OH & NY
    Sea Doo GTI SE
    Sea Doo Speedster
    Sea Doo XP
    XP: 717 bored 0.40 over.
    I'm thick skinned I can take it. :grin: How ya been Wayne?

    And IMO she really does not look like a Bay.

  4. Phil, I'm doing great !!. Thats a nice looking boat. :thumbsup: . :thumbsup:

    Hows the family doing ?. Fine I hope.

    I hope so :grin:, Wait until Four Suns sees the way you have your antennas. :lol: . :smt043
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  5. itsabowtime2

    itsabowtime2 Member

    Jan 12, 2010
    PNW, via TN MI, OH & NY
    Sea Doo GTI SE
    Sea Doo Speedster
    Sea Doo XP
    XP: 717 bored 0.40 over.
    Family is awesome! Thanks for asking. Ashleigh just got graduated to green belt in TaeKwonDo yesterday.

    Yeah, tell me about the antenna. If I face them the other way they are totally in the way. That is as high as they can go and still be able to get into the slip.
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  6. Loose Cannon

    Loose Cannon Member

    Apr 2, 2010
    Havre de Grace, MD
    Between boats
    I work for a large consulting company and my focus is software implementations for large businesses (SAP software). My first boat was a 19' Bayliner bowrider which I had for about 6 years during my 20's. My career took off and I moved around for a while but missed the water (upper Chesapeake Bay) and thought about it often. After a long hiatus, I got back into boating two years ago... buying a 2006 Sea Ray 240DA and selecting a marina right back where I started on the Susquehanna River. The last two summers have been fantastic and I cannot wait to launch this year and explore further down the Bay.

    This site has been extremely helpful to me.

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  7. Ka1oxd

    Ka1oxd New Member

    Nov 19, 2009
    Connecticut River at Portland Riverside Marina
    1988 Sea Ray 340 Sundancer
    7.4l inboards
    I been in boating for my entire life in one form or another. Bought my first boat when I was 23. 35 years later, I had 7 boats and still enjoying it. Work, I am information security manager who has done ethical hacking, IT auditor, systems engineer, IT Security engineer, and computer forensic expert. Right now am working full time and building a business plan for my wife so she can start a custom embroidery business dealing with hats, shirts, coats, towels, and other items.
  8. denizcan

    denizcan New Member

    Jan 26, 2012
    turkey istanbul
    SEARAY 260 DA / 275 Sundancer 2007
    350 mag 5.7 Mercruiser
    hi, i live in ISTANBUL-TURKEY i was 33 years old and working the biggest Security company in Turkey ( like ADT security in USA ) my job is Sales manager at my team 60 sales represntatives and 7 asistant sales managers,

    after boating is Snowboarding was the second love of my life, and photographer and percussion but BOATING is my first love

    in 2008 summer i bought our first boat from wood not fiberglass i used it two season and at the may of 2010 i bought my second boat that was a 2002 Bayliner 2352 Capri i loved also öy Bayliner and i used two season this boat , not only crusing living at marina , waked up at boat sleeping in marina is so important for me because my second boat is not enough for me , and last summer 2001 July i sold it,

    i always dreamed Sea Ray , watching hundreds of videos on YouTube about Sea Ray send mail to the Brunswick company about my love of brand
    and i take decision to make dream come true, after i search my model that i can live and cruise at weekend and can sleep on sea , the 260 Sundancer is my decision,
    walk all around in my marina (1500 boats on sea) and know all Sea Rays, travel all around Turkeys all marinas to find Sea Ray which i decide the model , and Dream of a strict follow-up was 6 months i bouhgt my 2007 Sea Ray 260DA (275 Sundancer in EU), i spend all my boney that i spend up and take a little bank credit and bought my Sea Ray

    Sea Ray is my brand love, , love its logo,its name of font and all things i m still watching Sea Ray videos, and this forum is so helpfull for me
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  9. Days away

    Days away New Member

    Nov 3, 2009
    83 SRV 270 Sundancer
    78 Hawaiian 25' DC
    88 Bayliner 2155
    Twin 470 Mercruisers
    454 BBMC transII
    350 omc
    Hi ya all I am a driller in the oil and gas fields of America I have been working drilling rigs for the last 29yrs.
    And have been boating just about as long.

    And am very please to say I am good friends the one and only Summer FunII AKA/WAYNE

    And yes we love our BOATS
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  10. Nehalennia

    Nehalennia Well-Known Member

    Aug 22, 2007
    Marysville, WA
    2001 310DA twin 350 MAGs, Westerbeke 4.5KW
    Twin 350 MAG V-drives
    I've been boating since I was less than a year old. Professionally, I have been a locksmith and security manager since '86, but recently laid off(1/30/12). Decided that it's time to do it all for myself and have started a new company www.vikingbay.co. I will be doing lock, door, hardware as I have normally done, but also will be offering many different boating accessories and would love some new work. I have been working with a few guys here getting their needs met.
    Have a look and see if there is anything I can do for you. I'm also on Facebook @ Viking Bay Enterprises with some pictures of what I'm doing. It's evolving everyday.
    Thanks for looking.
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  11. My new job is watching the rat bait. :smt021

    Good Luck. :smt024
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  12. 320Bob

    320Bob Active Member

    Nov 2, 2009
    2012 Chaparral 267 SSX Sold
    I am a late boatbloomer having bought my first boat 2 1/2 years ago at the ripe young age of 60 after finding out my wife of then 21 years always wanted a boat. Became hooked on boating every since to the point that I gave up golf after playing it avidly. Work wise I started off my career with Big Oil and after 7.5 years got tired of defending my profession at cocktail parties so I went to work for the farmers buying lots and lots of natural gas (100 BCF/yr) to make ammonia fertilizer. Guys like Russ Calisant would not have a gas futures market to work in today if it weren't for guys like me kicking producers and gas pipelines 30 years ago to get rid of long term take-or-pay contracts to adopt market based prices that we have today. Then I had the bright idea that Gas Utilites have buy natural gas but didn't know how to do so in an unregulated market so I went into Utility Management Consulting 25 years ago. Initially I worked with Commissions getting utilities to lower rates but then discovered there was more money to be made on the other side of the fence. I helped start the firm I am currently with selling Financial Planning, Budgeting and Regulatory software and advisory services to gas and electric utilities. In fact, the companies that Islandhopper and MatthewMiller work for are clients using our software as is more than half of the domestic utility industry. I also hold an executive dog popper scopper position serving our Great Pyr Mix, Welsh Pembroke Corgi, and Chihuahua when I am not consulting or boating.
  13. Buffalo Soldier

    Buffalo Soldier New Member

    Nov 12, 2009
    Rhode Island
    38 Sundancer 2006
    Merc 8.1 HOs 420hp
    I've been boating since I can remember. I grew up on an island in the Niagara river and my dad always had a boat of some kind. Obviously power boats as sail boats don't do well in a 7 knot current heading for Niagara Falls. Anyway, I always enjoyed the ride, hanging out relaxing, while my brother and dad did all the driving. I moved to Rhode Island to be near the ocean after finishing my training as an anesthesiologist in NYC. I now run a great anesthesiology practice at a wonderful community hospital in RI. I bought my first boat soon after getting here and once I knew my family loved being on the ocean as much as I did, I upgraded to my current 38DA. My dad and brother were dumbfounded that I could maneuver a 39 foot boat ( our biggest growing up was a 28 foot sea ray) since I never did growing up. I told them at the time I was happy to let them do all the work. Now I enjoy being captain of my own vessel and seeing the smiles of my passengers as we cruise the bay. Nothing better.

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  14. Tonysca6

    Tonysca6 New Member

    Mar 12, 2011
    White Oak, PA/Lake Murray, SC
    Interim - Toon
    50 HP Mercury Outboard
    We have boating since my parents moved out of th woods and bought a place on Indian Lake. The boat was a 20' Sea Ray bowrider which they whole family enjoyed. Then one one my old high school buddies invited us to spend a wekend on their 36' trawler on the Chesepeake and never been the same since. After boating with them for 10 years, we bought our first boat last May & use it every weekend we can. We live Pittsburgh & we both are in mgmt for a successful mechanical/electrical contractor started by my father. We can hardly to get back in the water again this April. and any of you all are ever around Pleasure Cove Marina or see the "Crazy Lady" anchored out, stop by and we swap some stories.

    Tony & Deb
    "Crazy Lady"
  15. The machine

    The machine New Member

    Sep 8, 2010
    Seneca lake NY
    2005 Sea Ray 270Sundeck
    496 375hp Bravo III drive
    Hello all My name is Jose. I have loved going out on boats all my life. My next door neighbor growing up always had a boat (always a Searay) and since my neighbor was an only child I was always asked along. I own a machine shop (cnc machines making parts). I bought into a company years ago but then my partners decided to get greedy, I got out of that company and started my own company in my garage 17 years ago. I started with one CNC Mill and one Lathe and one employee...me. I now have 12 machines and 5 employees and long ago moved out of my garage. I bought my first boat 23 years ago. It was a 21 ft Sonic jet boat running an LS7 454 and pushing 650 HP. I ran it on the delaware river by Milford NJ. That lasted a few years until the motor gave up. I sold the boat and missed boating for a long time. 3 years ago I bought a house on Seneca lake in NY state. At the same time I bought my 270 SD. I love boating on Seneca lake especialy now that my lift is up and running. I also collect classic Corvettes. I have a 1959, and a 1959 fuelie, and a 1966 big block, and a 2008 Z06. I used to go to lots of car shows but now do a lot more boating instead. I still try to go to at least a few car shows a year.
  16. Uplate

    Uplate New Member

    Oct 13, 2008
    Nashville, TN. Percy Priest Lake
    1998 Sea Ray Sundancer 310
    Westebeke 4KW Generator
    Twin 5.7 Mercruiser Carbuerated.
    Alpha 1 Drives
    Lighting and Production Designer for Touring Artists, Television, andSpecial events.

    Current year Projects include NBA Allstar Game, Ron White Salute to the Troops, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts, and CMA Music Festival.

    I have been involved with boating most of my life from salmon fishing with my father in the PNW as a kid to living on a coastal lake in Oregon and spending the entire summer water skiing. Now I just cruise and enjoy the lake life with my SeaRay.
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  17. chandalen

    chandalen New Member

    Aug 7, 2011
    Alexandra Bay,NY
    '83 Sundancer 270, Humminbird 593c
    Twin merc 305, with new SEI 106 drives
    I'm in the US Army, 18 years now. I was Aviation Communications and Navigation Repair, after I was injured in Afghanistan I became Cadre at Ft Drum Warrior Transition Bde!
  18. Pyrojodge

    Pyrojodge Well-Known Member TECHNICAL Contributor

    May 1, 2011
    Lake Erie Ohio
    1989 Sea Ray 340 DA
    twin 454 Mercs

    Figured I should change what I do now since I quit my job!

    I now work for a large power train company that builds automatic transmission components. I work in the prototype development department. Good job, challenging, and they are fully paying for my education now. Yes, still a student going to school for my degree in engineering and design. The good news is I still hold my 4.0 GPA and will graduate next year! Hopefully have to update this again next year because of advancement!
  19. moparlvr4406

    moparlvr4406 Active Member

    Jun 29, 2011
    Lake Monroe Indiana Fourwinds H31
    1985 340DA
    1966 SRV180
    (2)1960 Sea Ray 600
    (2) 1963 808 Cruise-a-bouts
    twin 350hp Crusaders 4.0 Onan /
    Merc 950 SS
    Merc 650
    Merc 1100
    twin Johnson 40
    congrats Jason
    I am still at my god awful, over worked. under paid, 60+ hour a week, high stress, low appreciation, salary, dredge of a job in customer service.
    2 days ago was my 12 year mark.....
    at almost 48 I am getting to old to start over I guess....
    Here's to the next 20 years .....ugh.
  20. LawyerMan

    LawyerMan Member

    Jul 12, 2012
    Texas Gulf Coast
    270 SLX w/ Sport Arch
    496 Mag DTS, Bravo III, Corsa
    John. Small(ish) town up and coming criminal defense and family law lawyer.

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