Hi Bob and Sue. Well I checked into the shim business and actually did mine with a couple washers and a pry bar to adjust the alternator bracket. I changed the waterpump bracket for new and other than the old one being slightly bent ,the new one appeared the same. Very happy to report that I finally got rid of the stupid chirping and the motors are purring the way they should.I could not have done it with-out your inputs,as they steered me in the right direction and because of it I was able to fix the problem.Thanks alot. Richard
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For my engine they said it was a re-designed alternator & sea water pump bracket when I compared the old with the new ones there were some added bracing with a small change in shape. The alternator bracket mine is a Mando part# 860370T , sea water bracket # 807749-1. I used a serpentine belt alignment laser to make sure the grooves were aligned on all pulleys from the crankshaft pulley merc also changed the spacer on the alternator bracket which was included with the bracket. I found a pdf of the recall notice it covers more engines than listed merc didn't want to pay to fix all of them, it has diagrams for replacement and what to check. PM me with email address and I'll forward it to you. I also switched to Goodyear Gator Belts mine are 106" in length since changing everything I haven't had any problems with squeals but do have 2 spares knock on fiberglass.