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    Raymarine eS78, Navionics+, iPhone Sync Issues and Manual Fix

    I've been fighting this issue for the past week and finally got it figured out, hopefully this may help someone else from a headache....

    I recently purchased a Raymarine bundle that included the eS78 chartplotter, Quantum radar, and Navionics+ bundle to install on my 280DA. One of the attractive features of the Navionics/Raymarine package is the ability to set up routes on your iPhone/iPad on the Navionics Boating USA app and upload to the chartplotter.

    The first time I tried sending a route created on the iPhone, the chartplotter threw up and gave the error "Card In Use, Receiving Failed". The iPhone was sending data via wireless to the chartplotter and got copied onto the microSD card successfully, but the plotter wouldn't ingest it.

    Turns out the Navionics app is sending auto-generated waypoint names of 16 characters in length and the import process truncates them to 15. In the case of 100+ waypoints on a dock to dock autoroute, it truncates the last digit and you end up with a bunch of different waypoints with the same name, hence the error importing.

    I have reported the bug to Navionics, but also figured out a work around in the meantime. If you pull the SD card and out and manually edit the GPX files under Navionics\Archive\Routes\ the import works like a champ. Examples of what happens below:

    Waypoints created (3 samples):




    Waypoints as imported in the Raymarine device on the microSD card




    This resulted in numerous duplicated waypoints (the autoroute feature, as it built the route, created 100+ waypoints from the 10-15 I entered)

    I edited all the waypoint names in the GPX file, pulling the first 4 digits out, to create a valid file, the corrected waypoints were then imported and successfully saved as:




    This corrected all errors and the import function and subsequent display of valid routes on the Raymarine chartplotter. I downloaded a free program, GPX_Editor which was much easier than trying to edit the raw XML/GPX in Notepad.

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    Re: Raymarine eS78, Navionics+, iPhone Sync Issues and Manual Fix

    I'm having the exact same problem. Navionics was not able to help, although they said they were familiar with the problem. My routes were all generated by hand manually, but still produced this error. Thanks for the suggested fix. I will give it a try. Or, I might try just redoing the routes because later ones that I created have been syncing fine.

    I'm also going to have my mechanic upgrade me from R17 to R19, which is the latest software. Too chicken to do it myself.

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    Re: Raymarine eS78, Navionics+, iPhone Sync Issues and Manual Fix

    I have two C125 MFD's on this boat, so I ran out and bought the Navionics + and then paid to download the app to my iPad. I couldn't get it to work either. I wound up getting a refund for the app from Apple because it is basically junk. Maybe someone with skills beyond that of the average pleasure boater could do something with it, but I found it to be very frustrating.
    The Navionics + card isn't the best either.
    I had Garmin electronics with one of their Vision G2 Blue Chart cards on my old boat, and it was super user friendly and worked flawlessly. Just mark where you are, mark where you want to go, and it would auto route.
    The Raymarine and Navionics+ doesn't work nearly as well. I mark where I want to start, and then where I want to go, and when I ask it to route me, 90% of the time it tells me it can't because there are too many waypoints. When it does route me, it takes me dangerously close to areas It should be avoiding based on the boat info I entered.
    Overall, Raymarine is not nearly as efficient or user friendly as Garmin, and their customer service is almost non existent. try getting someone on the phone to answer a question.
    As far as Navionics is concerned: After using Garmin's product I am very disappointed in it and wish I hadn't wasted my money.
    The Mfd's and HD radar are only about 4 years old. If they were more outdated Imwould scrap all the Raymarine crap on the boat and go Garmin all the way.
    My daughter's boyfriend's parents have a smaller boat that is due for new electronics. The Father is a private pilot and very used to electronic instruments. He is going Garmin.
    2002 410 Sundancer Monaco Edition, 3126 Cats
    2005 Maxum 1800 MX
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