So for the last year or so I was looking for an outdrive stand for when I needed to service the drive over this past offseason. I needed to change the water pump, shift cable and bellows. After finding various stands, commercially and some made and sold on EBay, I came across one on EBay made for an engine stand. Great idea...especially since I had one of those! He wanted $120.00. A bit steep for something so simple. So for $50.00 in steel (delivered to my door), I went over a buddies house and in two hours, we had this stand made.

It worked great! It held my '95 Alpha I Gen II and another buddies '85 Alpha drive just great. And the height of the engine stand made it a comfortable working height, unlike a lot of the stands that have wheels or sit on the ground, which seem too low.

Anyway, just thought I'd share in case those of you with an engine stand lying around and a welder (or a friend with one) wanna give it a go. I even have 3D CAD detailed drawings of mine.

I've since painted it a nice gloss black...