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  1. Shauny Conolly
    Shauny Conolly
    New Member Sundancer 240 bow hatch top broke off hinges how do I fix this thank you
  2. CanadaMetal
    Canada Metal North America
  3. CanadaMetal
    Canada Metal North America is Canada’s oldest and most diversified producer and marketer of processed lead-based products serving
  4. timp
    timp bjac
    Hi We are interested on how you made out with the removal of the bolsters and how you finished the project. We live up the road in Peterborough. Thanks
  5. CW Duke
  6. newboater
    New Sea Ray Owner
  7. newboater
    New searay
  8. BobX
    BobX schwarz633
    Hello. I found your article on your work on a prop shaft which I believe used an Algonac 22964 stuffing box for a 1 1/4" shaft. You mentioned that you used 1/4 packing material. Is that correct? I have a 1994 Sundancer 370 that has the same stuffing box and I want to order the correct size packing. The box is buried beneath the engine so it is not easy to get measurements.
    Thanks in advance.
  9. Ray Jones
    Ray Jones
    On board with my 1973 SR 220 Cuddy Cabin. Bringing her back to service. Been in storage for over 25 years.
  10. SWEET260
    I like to buy VESSEL VIEW for my 07SD 260 with smart gauges can I plug & play? Or do I need the adapter to plug in to the gauges?
  11. Can’t Wait
  12. Kevin K Irish
    Kevin K Irish Lazy Daze
    Hello! Got any ideas on why both of my hurth trannies would start leaking intermittently after maintenance fluid/filter change? Didnt leak fir two seasons and only a lil bit. Both have 1030 well maintained hours. The leaks seem to come from the vents in too/front….and WHY they would both go at same time? Cooling hoses seem clean (i wiped em down and at couplings…no fluid.
  13. PlaneGuy
    Loving my 340!
  14. Bulldawg Bob
    Bulldawg Bob
    New owner as of 7-1-22
  15. QT1
    Almost new engine on port side. Marina where work was done sabotaged the wiring to the transducer......
  16. Mich
    Mich ttmott
    Hi do you still have the sea ray systems module? I need one to replace
  17. Roger Williams
    Roger Williams
    Boating on the big blue - Puget Sound
  18. Sun-N-fun 270 Dancer
    Sun-N-fun 270 Dancer
    Upgrading going a bit bigger 320 Dancer
  19. thunderbolt5
    email add.
  20. thunderbolt5
    does anyone know how to remove a hot water heater from a 1999 380 sea ray??
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