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  • Sorry I forgot to send my email. It is . This is my re-entry into the boating world. Found it at a good price, needed some TLC and time, which I have plenty of. Mainly it will be the wife and I cruising the Ohio River out of Cincinnati.
    Thanks for alll your efforts and enjoy your good looking boat. Have a great day,
    I am thinking you had a pic posted of your Seville you used to have with full camper canvas. If I am correct would you mind sending me a copy so I can explain to my canvas guy what I am looking for. How did it work out for you, I am hoping to stay out a little longer at the end of the season?
    Thanks for your time, have a great day.
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    Hey, I just bought the same boat.
    Maybe we can share the gotchas.
    Mine is in transit and arrives next Monday.
    I was told it was 9 ft tall.
    If so, I have to jack my new boathouse up another food.
    The windshild top from the ground is what I need-
    do you know or could you measeure?

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