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  • Hello. I am in search of vinyl seat replacement for a 2006 Searay Sundeck that has been discontinued by Searay. Would you happen to know or have any recommendations on who might have some or a match for that same color? Thank you.
    Hi chuck,

    I'm a new boater owner of a 1999 240 Sundancer. I want to charge the batteries (3) using my shore, home ac power. My battery selector switch has 3 positions.....What position should it be on? Also, do I need to turn both the AC panel on and the Inverter switch on?

    Thank you ahead!
    Can someone help me with how to replace the ignition switch in a 2001 240 Sundeck. I have the switch already from SeaRay.
    Hi Chuck, I'm working on mounting a GPS on my 240SD and recall a post which I cannot find again. The member had mounted a GPS on the starboard windshield brace using a bracket he found at West Marine. Do you recall the post? denwatson
    Hi Chuck....happy 4th!
    my radio crapped there a re-set on the XMD3/4? Thanks!
    Hey Chuck, I've got power steering fluid leaking from somewhere.When I fill the pump resevior its gone fast. A mechanic told the wife we needed a pump. I think the pump is fine, we have a hose leaking.I can't tell from where though. Do you know how to check a pump? any suggestions ? Ric
    Hey Chuck, Under my private messages it say's YOUR PM BOX IS 100% FULL. Any idea's? I only have 139 messages in my box. Jim
    Hey Chuck,check this out.

    As the summer is winding down we thought it would be a great time to do something we don't get a lot of chances to do. On August 15th we will be leading a waterfall tour of Lake Jocasse. We will be meeting up at Devils Fork State Park at 10:00AM and plan on spending the day exploring the lake.

    Our plans for the day are somewhat open, with the main goal of enjoying all that Lake Jocassee has to offer. From the incredible views of the mountains to waterfalls and ample room to swim and play we should have a great time while there.

    You will need to bring your boat, food and drink, and a willingness to enjoy the day and have some fun. Please RSVP to Sea Ray of Greenville by replying to this email or calling us at 864-236-9005 before August 13th.

    We are looking forward to seeing you there!
    Hi Chuck, Everything's Irie forwarded your contact. I am looking to add a camper package to my 2005 240 sundeck. Have you done this and is it a bad idea? (from a safety/handling view). Thanks, Gary
    Chuck, Ive been researching gps units as well as charting/planning from my pc. I pm'd you a while back about your unit & charts, so Im doing it again. I think you'll be downloading another set of free maps to use on your pc. Any waypoints or markers can then be transfered to your unit. THE MAIN REASON for this PM - If you upgrade, keep me in mind to buy your old unit. Thanks,
    Hey avguy/Scott - Sorry I have not checked this page in a while, I think I answered your question already in a PM or thread. Just in case I think it was the mid size XX bilge heater.
    Hi Chuck......after some digging on the site I found the photo of your bilge heater. How many watts is it? Looks to be a 3rd of the size I bought. Scott
    Hi Chuck.
    Which bilge heater did you put in your Sundeck & where/how did you mount it? I purchased the 700 watt Boatsafe today but after I got home with it & looked in the bilge things look pretty cramped in there. Thanks.....Scott
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