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  • Hello, I am very impressed with the results of your efforts. I do have a question. I will be removing the engines in my 2005 280 soon and would like to ask what process and product did you use to redo the floor of the bilge? I have the issue where the finish has and is peeling in the center channel between the engines. It drives me nuts.
    I posted pics in your thread...actually I got carried away with pics...lol. Mine is probably different, but they seem to use the same type of technique on different boat models. Hope it helps!
    Hi There:

    Re-sending this as you requested.

    I posted a thread about removing the v-birth cushions in my SR320 DA to make more room. One of the responders gave me your name and said that you did this some time ago with your 280 and that you had pictures.
    If that is so I am trying to figure out how to remove the cushions firstly, and then see what is underneath (suitable to leave or finish to make presentable and more room).

    Any assistance would be most appreciated.

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