Four Suns
Oct 4, 2006
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Williamsburg, VA
Greedy Company Executive

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Four Suns

Not a pot stirrer, Male, from Williamsburg, VA

TECHNICAL Contributor
    1. Captainjv2
      We own a 2003 480db. The boat is equipped with a hydraulic swim platform. The manufacturer recommended zincs for platform seem to waste away in approximately 3 months. Question... could we connect the swim platform to the boat bonding system. Thank you for your thoughts.
      Mike and Jeanne
      Hello. I am in search of vinyl seat replacement for a 2006 Searay Sundeck that has been discontinued by Searay. Would you happen to know or have any recommendations on who might have some or a match for that same color? Thank you.
    3. SexSea Bermuda
      SexSea Bermuda
      analog gauges not working they will come on half-hour to 40min after cruising both side has anyone encountered this problem before?
    4. Steve 48 Sedan Bridge
      Steve 48 Sedan Bridge
      Hi question for you I have a 48 sedan bridge with QSM11 motors my starboard engine exhaust gasket need to be replaced can the floor of the saloon be lifted to make easier access to the motor

      Steve Brisbane
    5. tacoma4251
      Hi Four Suns:

      I'm a new boater owner of a 1999 240 Sundancer. I want to charge the batteries (3) using my shore, home ac power. My battery selector switch has 3 positions.....What position should it be on? Also, do I need to turn both the AC panel on and the Inverter switch on?

      Thank you ahead!
    6. tacoma4251
      Hi Four Suns

      There's a selector switch located inside a cabinet with a clock like face in the rear of the boat. The switch has 4 positions: 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock. I need help figuring what position the selector switch should be in when starting, when boating on the lake, when parked in the driveway, and when charging the batteries?

      Thank you!
      1999 240 Sundancer
    7. billandamy
      Hi you still maintain a blog about Four Suns and your travels?
    8. HomePort
      Hi Gary,

      I was told that you did a great post on installing a cell signal booster. I've searched for it but haven't been able to find it. If you did, in fact, write a post on cell boosters would you be so kind as to point me to the thread? Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

      - Port
    9. connie garcy
      connie garcy
      Hi Gary,

      I have posted a question on our charger/converter and one of the other members suggested I contact you. The post is titled Inverter Questions. The question is actually for the charger/converter.

      Thanks Connie
    10. boltman
      Gary From UNder the Helm is there access to the engine room for a Battery Power wire to get to, I want to run a POS Battery cable diretly from the batteries to under the helm, without removing the helm to get to the Starboard side access panel and down to the engine room to the batteries.
    11. boltman
      hey clear your PM stored files, I can't PM you at all..... THanks your boltman.
    12. StressAweigh
      Hey Gary What ever happened to your book?
    13. StressAweigh
      Hey Gary What ever happened to your book?
    14. BoaterBen
    15. baby blue
      baby blue
      Looking for a surveyor in Jacksonville, FL to check out 40' Sundancer for me. Anyone knows a good one?
    16. spikedaddy99

      Is there a way to test an antenna? My VHF has a message of "low power" when I try to transmit, and I'd rather rule out the antenna 1st.

    17. Cruisinguy
      Hi Gary,
      Not sure how to navigate this site so not sure if you will get this message, but I was wondering with all of those kids on your 480, did you add a television to the starboard stateroom? My kids are bugging me to put one on the wall in that room?
    18. Jack380AC
      Gary, I saw your message to use the blog to contact you but I could not find any link there to contact you?
    19. NCBoater

      Do you know the correct alternator for the qsm11's. Mine shows a delco remy 22SI but there they need a part number to order. My port engine shows only 12.1V when underway, so I assume I need a new alternator. Also where is the best place to purchase. Thanks Mark
    20. matran2822
      hi, i just got a 1973 220 sea ray. she firer up nice, but when i put her in gear she stop. and in reverse, the gear start to grind. can you please help me.
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    Williamsburg, VA
    Greedy Company Executive
    Boat Info:
    2003 480 DB
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    Sea Ray
    QSM-11 Diesels
    I own the best designed boat Sea Ray ever built
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