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  • Hi Terry, ( I think ) ... Arial photos make it look like a good spot to visit....Jerry was showing me all the storage bldgs/travel lift capabilities. We found some common ground on some venues we had participated in, in Key Largo. I have never been in Bodkin/ Main Creek. In my initial post, I wasn't sure how much depth there was entering around G 7,7A etc. I PM 'd you so I didn't take Jim's thread down a different path....thnx,Tim
    How are you feeling? I was shocked when I saw that you had posted about the Fleexiteek.
    Relax and get better we have a lot of boating to do this summer.
    Hope you are well buddy. We have really been enjoying the boat. We ended up going to the inner harbor over labor day because the weather the weekend before was so bad. I had to fill up on Saturday, $544. We did a fair amount of running so I wasnt that upset.

    We are not going to be able to make it to Fells Point. My sons football season is in full force. Are you going to the Annapolis boat show? We are going down Thursday night and staying at the Marriott and enjoying the show Friday. We are driving.

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