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  • Hello. I am in search of vinyl seat replacement for a 2006 Searay Sundeck that has been discontinued by Searay. Would you happen to know or have any recommendations on who might have some or a match for that same color? Thank you.
    Hello. I am in search of vinyl seat replacement for a 2006 Searay Sundeck that has been discontinued by Searay. Would you happen to know or have any recommendations on who might have some or a match for that same color? Thank you.
    Hi Hampton:

    I'm a new boater owner of a 1999 240 Sundancer. I want to charge the batteries (3) using my shore, home ac power. My battery selector switch has 3 positions.....What position should it be on? Also, do I need to turn both the AC panel on and the Inverter switch on?

    Thank you ahead!
    Hi Hampton:

    There's a selector switch located inside a cabinet with a clock like face in the rear of the boat. The switch has 4 positions: 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock. I need help figuring what position the selector switch should be in when starting, when boating on the lake, when parked in the driveway, and when charging the batteries?

    Thank you!
    1999 240 Sundancer
    not very computer savy. I found this sight by googling: How to change impellers on 8.1 mercruisers. There was a tutorial with pictures from 340. now I can't find it.
    They were going to charge $550 to change my impellers on my 360.
    I did it myself with your help. 4hrs-2, $30 impellers.Thanks Roy
    Thanks for the flying links! (Guys, I rarely come to this part - Private messaging works better for me.)

    We certainly are not experts. Just google marinas in each of the areas, then start a thread on here and ask for opinions. We didn't really find anything in that area to recommend, except, Longboat Key Club - We will definately be going back there - first class.

    Hi John,

    Wondered if you could give me some advice for travelling from Clearwater to Sarasota, in terms of what to watch for, places to stay, etc, I'm new to this type of boating and want to start with a short overnight trip on my 2003 340. Any guidance is appreciated. Your trip sounded wonderful!
    I have viewed your post on traveling to Key West, and the Dry Tortuga's I really enjoyed your trip. I am from Key West, which brought back alot of memories. I noticed that you are a pilot, for the Air Force, I thought you might like the videos below.

    Thanks Again for posting the trip to the keys, in which we will be making this summer

    It is very unnerving, landing with deck pitching 30 feet, at night, low on fuel.

    These videos show the difference between Naval Aviation and any other kind. The links below are two outstanding videos about F-18 carrier operations aboard the USS Nimitz during weather that causes a severely pitching deck, which you can see in the videos. It's more dangerous than most combat missionsand the tension in the pilots and crew is very apparent. Watch Part 1first, then Part 2.

    Part One http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=4gGMI8d3vLs
    Part Two http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=S0yj70QbBzg

    If you lube the door, use a silicone spray because it won't collect dirt like WD-40 will (any most others). I don't lube mine. I did replace the track and some rollers. Just keep them clean.
    I never check this section. Yes, tons of work. Search my name and speakers or amplifiers. PM me if you still have questions.
    Hey John, I have stereo issues, I noticed all the work you did. What all exactly did you do? Did you post a writeup?
    John, Rather than start a new thread I just need some quick advice on my cabin door. I know you also have a 340 and I wondered if you ever lubricated the track the cabin door slides in? If so what did you use or what would you recommend if you have not donit. Thanks

    Earl Auty
    good morning not so pretty in bainbridge, and PC beach.

    I signed up ,watching weather and then thought about the web page.
    How do i get to the pictures of you refueling.
    Enjoyed seeing you two. I got up early and was back in P.C. by 8;00 am central and
    in Bainbridge by 12 ish and on time to the birthday party,

    T Dollar
    Just finding these:

    I have been in the 2 FS since Dec 1999. I was in the 95FS during the change.

    Wakeup: Can't remember.

    2 rod holders. If I added more, I go forward about 2 feet and angle out more. I'd have to get in there and check to be sure though.

    That's my buddy's boat in the calendar. It's a hydraulic platform. It's a supercharged jet ski that runs 70 mph daily.

    There's no problem with Campers on 310 any more than any other boat. I don't have any photos though.
    are you part of the (2fs) i was a DCC there during the change over to the american beagle sq. i was on 2032 when it was the OG jet
    I don't see anything? If you like you can send me an email to my comcast acct. wakeup19@comcast.net
    Thanks for the kudos on the rod holders. How many did you install. Looking for other clean locations. My next project is to install a Lowrance HDS-5 finder/plotter in a NavPod and mount it above the Raymarine raday/plotter.
    i was looking at your boat in the calender today and was wondering what your jet ski sits on and how you deploy it...it looks like a fixed swim platform...thanks...john
    I belong to the Northern Calif. Sea Ray Boat Club and have a few photos of some nice camper canvas on 340 and 360 Sun Dancers I still have not seen a newer 310 like we own with camper canvas have you? google sea ray boat club and click on Home 1 to see Delta cruising Calif. style Roger
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