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    1991 Sea Ray 420 Part Out

    What condition are the raw water strainers in. I’m looking for two that won’t break the bank.
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    Can't Discharge Grey Water Overboard in my "Home" Lake

    I would not have the lines go to the black water tank unless you also include a joker valve or a one way valve of some sort to that setup as well. Otherwise fumes from the other waste in the black water tank will come out through the drain lines and fill the cabin with a nice pooporri smell...
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    Maui fires

    Still waiting on parts
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    Maui fires

    The fires and devastation in Lahaina are not because of global warming or climate change or any other political hot topic words of the day. It all was a climax of bureaucratic incompetence. The fires were made possible to happen due to the states failure to provide any level of responsible...
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    Don't need to spend 10s of thousands to have fun on the water.

    If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.
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    7.4 Mercruiser overheat

    Could it be a plugged up heat exchanger from growth or debris that's preventing the raw water side from providing enough water to the closed cooling side to exchange sufficient heat?
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    Leak at rear drain plug. Help !

    Also, that pipe was probably added to help protect the transom core wood from getting wet in the hole there. It should be fine to leave alone.
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    Leak at rear drain plug. Help !

    This is a relatively easy repair to complete. Remove the old drain plug assembly then let the area dry out. Then mix a small amount of fiberglass resin to fill the old screw holes with. The resin should be mixed with a bit of filler to give it the consistency of peanut butter. Use a resin...
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    Absolutely frustrated with this Mercruiser engine

    Still waiting for the insurance money to get the repair completed. Looks like it needs a whole new gimbal housing and ring. Steering pin area was damaged as well. Thankfully I found a repair shop that had a trailer that could haul it out with. The regular yard here said they wouldn’t be able to...
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    What is this?

    Follow the wire to its other end to see what it plugs in to.
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    Simple Inverter install...if there is such a thing.

    If you built a rack to hold the lipo’s where the old genset was then dedicated a charger/inverter like the Mastervolt one I have it would work rather well until the batteries discharged. Just plug everything in to the gensets output wiring and it’d function the same as the generator. Odds are...
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    Simple Inverter install...if there is such a thing.

    I put the Mastervolt inverter/charger in mine to replace the broken original one. It is 1500 watt and will run the microwave and a few other small electronics no problem. To run the AC it would depend on the size of the AC and the Battery bank. I would just recommend that you don't.
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    Simple Inverter install...if there is such a thing.

    They are made to be installed this way. The original inverter in my 1996 came wired from the factory in this manner. Not sure what reason you wouldn’t want to mount it in a way that makes push button power without having to run cords to everything. @Cheap Guy try this link...
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    Want to overnight - but nervous

    @Daniel Sullivan Easy way to safely test things is just unplug from shore power and spend the night in your slip once running everything you would at anchor. Besides the fridge and the anchor light and maybe a phone charging what else will be plugged in or turned on overnight to cause any major...