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    Newbie - pods are scary?

    There's a very good reason boats with pods are cheaper than their counterparts. The market is telling you they are a big problem. Spend more or save up more so you can spend more to get the same boat w/o pods or just get less boat. Good luck
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    Official Cummins QSC-500 Thread

    Yeah, pretty sure it's Super 26 but be sure.
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    Holding Tank

    I've used these folks and they can do custom tanks and fittings by filing out a sheet. Were pretty good to deal with. Good luck
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    Official Cummins QSC-500 Thread

    T4 Read somewhere that fully synthetic was no bueno so didn't consider T5 either. Good luck, J
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    NY Boat Show

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    Ordering food, i dont know a good title.

    Sounds more like first ordered, first served.
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    Improper installation makes them come loose. What's proper installation? Eh, I snug them up with some 5200 on the thread and between the nuts and they never come loose. Cotter pin prevents anything really bad from happening anyway, loose or not.
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    New to the Westerbeke diesel generator - is this as loud as it should be? It says This part is replaced with part number 037431. Before you order this part please read these two documents: Parts Bulletin 2004-1 and Pump Details Good luck
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    Cool looking uknown military vessels

    Not better, just different skills, LoL
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    Any suggestions for removing scratches from isinglass?

    I bought a boat and they were crap. Tried some plastic cleaner polish (Meguir's PlastX or whatever it's called) by hand, for about 5 seconds, before just using the random orbital on it. Worked great and made for a much easier time. For my maint it's Imar 1 or 2x a year and then Plexus every...
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    Winterize Antifreeze

    I wouldn’t. Taking from another thread, Preston’s waterline AF -100 $7 gallon MSDS sheet shows it contains Ethanol.
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    Winterize Antifreeze

    NY -
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    Oil Filter for Westerbeke Generator

    Buy a few of them. That lowers the shipping cost per unit at least :-)