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  • Then be careful of AIS, it is an International/Government Agency system, there is potential of being observed 24/7/365 during all aspects of private recreation whether your vessel is in a 'restricted area' or not. Our system is similar to a car navigation system - managed, operated, maintained, etc. in the Private Sector - SEALED! it will provide you with personalized proactive threat warnings (weather chart collision and other threat warnings). with a 'switch' option to avoid stop sending your GPS info in and your ID at any time - privacy and how to deal with is solved. See the BoatUS published an article titled "Big Brother's Little Box" about right of privacy and the reluctance of recreational boaters to implement AIS for that reason. You might do a search on their website and read that article. This is what raised our concerns and we solve it - Private Sector operation. Software in our server to manages the situation to protect that privacy.

    Happy boating!!!
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