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    Filling the freshwater tank

    We have been boating since 2000. At first we spent 4 one weeks on the boat. After a few years the water tank cracked at the top. I replaced it and to get the old one out I had to cut it out. The inside bottom had slime IE slippery deposit. We had drank the water and never got sick. I was advised...
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    Baltimore bridge collapse

    I have looked at the pictures of the bridge and can not tell if it is riveted or bolted. Does anyone know. When we took apart large steel structures and they were bolted we took them down by removing bolts. Cutting was only done when we could not get to the bolts.
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    Key Bridge in Baltimore collapses!

    This may be of interest Chief Makoi
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    Key Bridge in Baltimore collapses!

    When the oil well fires in Kuwait were put out some well tops were cut off using steel cables in a continuous loop. I have no idea if it would work under water but is a simple process to find out. If it worked it could save a few divers lives.
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    Key Bridge in Baltimore collapses!

    If this was WWII I assume they would blow up the stuff in the way and drag it off to the side. But this would kill fish and the bag would stress out residents in the area. We used to remove large oil storage tanks and structures. It is very scary work for those who do not know what they are...
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    Boat sale question

    Based on my insurance I do not think I could lend someone our boat for 10 hour. You could offer them a 10 hour trip with you if they paid for the fuel. We have run longer than 10 hours in a day and it a very long day.
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    Rust in Water on Startup

    Are the manifolds and risers the same manufacture on both sided
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    Baltimore bridge collapse

    The cost to do the guard rail protection on all bridges that have heavy traffic would probably be very expensive. The cause is not the boat it is the poor condition of the boat it seems. It is like aviation. All is fine with a defect until there is an accident. If a non US airline flies into the...
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    Baltimore bridge collapse

    In Pudget Sound freighters go faster than most yachts and put out big waves. They also have designated commercial areas on charts where they have right of way. One does not cut in front of one if they are within a couple of knots.
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    Baltimore bridge collapse

    Are there strong currents in the area of the bridge.
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    Portable battery bank - Are they becoming a real option now

    We have ten 6 volt golf cart batteries and 2500Watt inverter. The generator is 8KW. We spend up to 2 weeks on the west coast where the sun some times does not shine for a week or so. The batteries are in the bottom of the boat. It all seems to work OK. We can go 2 days without running the...
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    Very Low Compessions on Mercruiser 5.0 MPI Engine. with Exhaust Manifold, Thermostat Housing Removed.

    O PSI is probably a valve stuck open. If you put 1 QT ATF in the engine you may loosen things as ATF tends to clean things. I used it once in a car and it helped. If it does not help you probably have valves that are burnt or hole in pistons. Not a mechanic. Just my opinion.
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    Vacuflush Help

    I had similar problem. Marina said the person was on vacation. I was in ahury to leave so I bought an entire pump think it was $800. Marina would have charged me more than that to fix the unit. Over the next few weeks on the boat I rebuilt the old one. It took a lot of effort and time. Buy a new...
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    Looking at 2003.5 DA 340: Engine Hours Guidance

    We have 1989 twin 454 with 3600 hours. No oil consumption. Maintenance is key to good engine life.
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    First Boat Purchase - looking for recommendations

    All new boats come with training paint. IE insurance. A real captain for a day will help you from having to use the training paint.