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  • pietro,
    we are just starting a restoration of a 1988 390 EC. my dad bought it new and passed away 10 yrs ago. time to bring her back to life.
    she is in great shape been winterized properly every year. would love to talk with you about the dashboard restoration you did. any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Todd, It's a long tome since I last made to the USA. I'm missing it!! Hopefully I will find time to arrange a long trip to the States. I want to go back to NY so we could meet. Should I come, I want to meet as mant CSR members is possible!!

    Meeting in Rome would be great too!!!!
    If you make it stateside and you're in the NY area give me a shout. I'm about an hour outside of NYC. I will definitely look you up if I am lucky enough to make it to Rome. That would be very cool!
    Rich, I did the same. I also put the platform as high as possible. My 390 is too heavy... I have now a solution with a different ladder. I will post some pics as soon as
    I will have it installed.
    Pietro, I don't know if you got the thread started about the swim platform so I thought I'd drop you a note. Another reason that my swim ladder is out of the water could be due to the fact that I raised my swim platform up to about 1.5 inches below the transom door in an effort to reduce the step down from the cockpit to the swim platform.
    Thanks, Rich
    Hi pietro,, ,could you send me your drawing on the windshield rubber. I'am re working my 390. Thanks....Rip
    I have a question about your Sunbrella upholstry. After having it for a while now is it still performing well. I have searched their site and I am having trouble viewing other colors. They only have few patterns and colors. Did you choose from that or have something custom. How does it do with dust not sure if you get pollen or not and does it clean easy. Have to do upholstry and trying to decide on which way to go. Thanks Dustin
    Pietro -

    After looking at your TV installation on your 390, I bought the same bracket to install on my 1990 390. I was wondering if you could give me some direction on how you installed the bracket? I have the compartment open and I am looking for some advice. It looks like I need some blocking or spacers to bring the bracket down to the level of the opening. Can you help and maybe provide some pictures?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Pietro....This is your United States counterpart......also a Pietro....Pietro Alonzo Preliasco, which was Americanized in 1950 to Pete Parker.....I still use Pietro often...I was born in France to an Italian father and Finish mother, he was in the US Army....pleasure to meet you
    Ciao Pietro, a che punto sei del restyling? Nel weekend andrò ad Anzio a lavorare sul Laguna 23, ma dovrei anche passare al Marina di Nettuno per trovare un posto ad un amico. Se sei nei paraggi, inviami una mail a: pv_rm@libero.it. Buon lavoro,
    Well Amigo, I am off to the marina this morning to take a few things apart. The port side panel need replacing, so I will be removing the seat, ice maker, etc. to get the side panel off. It really doesnt look like too much of an ordeal. Just a whole lot of philips screws and a few wing nuts as far as I can see. Then there is a speaker and a 120 volt outlet to remove. I should take along the camera to record all of this.

    Later, Ken :thumbsup:
    Hello Pietro, I have a 1987 SR Dancer. I would like to know more on your modificatiopns. Pictures would be a great help. Thanks
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