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Oct 12, 2007
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Washington Park Marina, Michigan City
airline pilot

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Administrator, Male, from Washington Park Marina, Michigan City

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sfergson727 was last seen:
Mar 20, 2023 at 6:22 PM
      Hello. I am in search of vinyl seat replacement for a 2006 Searay Sundeck that has been discontinued by Searay. Would you happen to know or have any recommendations on who might have some or a match for that same color? Thank you.
    2. Tom skipper
      Tom skipper
      Hello. My brothers are giving me their boat but they think it needs a new fuel tank. How hard is it for me to do myself or what are my options? Iā€™m new to this site. Can you message me and let me know.
    3. Terryk
      Is there a way to send a personal message to another member, via email, on this site, etc Thank you, Terryk PS, message ksweet88
      My email address is jbelliot1@gmail.com
    4. tacoma4251
      Hi sfergson727:

      I'm a new boater owner of a 1999 240 Sundancer. I want to charge the batteries (3) using my shore, home ac power. My battery selector switch has 3 positions.....What position should it be on? Also, do I need to turn both the AC panel on and the Inverter switch on?

      Thank you ahead!
    5. Robert270
      I have a 93ā€™ 270 I purchased, the far back seat that folds in and out the legs are missing. Does anyone know where I can get replacements from. Thanks
    6. Hakuna Matata 2
      Hakuna Matata 2
      i have 2002 sun-dance 360 ,,my transmission alarm goes off as soon as i start my stbt engine ,, i replaced the temp sensor ,, still happening ... anyone have any ideas ?
    7. Steve S
      Steve S
      Hey Scott,

      Can we ban this jamoke? Jessienouro? CHeck out his stupid not Sea Ray related garbage posts...
    8. OldSkool
      I hear you Scott. No SB party at my house this year. I would have been pulling for the Colts if they would have pulled it off.
      As far as the oyster shuckers go, I am thinking about putting a design patten on the thing. I have 3 going to SC and a few wanting them on CSR. I would put CSR logo on the handle and offer a discount to sponsoring members. Hopefully it would cause other to sign on and support the site.
    9. OldSkool
      Given the PM's I have received from CSR members. I wanted to offer my oyster knife to them at a discount with the initials CSR on the handle. I wouldn't use the CSR logo only the initials unless Jim or someone who decides these things would approve it. I would only make them available to sponsoring members. They would look something like this:

      What do you think?
    10. OldSkool
      Hey Scott,
      Sorry to hear about Mike. I think you did the right thing as the thread was going side ways even in the tank.
    11. sfergson727
      Thank you all for your support with the Sea Ray photo shoot. I deeply appreciate the consideration on being worthy for such an honor. Thank you!
    12. matthewmiller01
      I would like to get the reset code from you whenever you get a chance to get it. If you have any other advice/tips with regard to installation and setup, please pass them along as well.
      If you had to do it all over again, which would you pick, System View or Vessel View? What are the major advantages/disadvantages of each? If you are ever bored, I would love to hear the pros/cons of each and what each has to offer that the other doesn't. Really, I am just starting this whole journey and if the Vessel View is the better of the two, I'd like to know that now, vice getting this one done and then realizing I would have liked the other better. So any advice you have, I'd appreciate hearing it. Thanks.
    13. SEARAY245
      Scott sent you email ,not sure if there getting through to you . Let me know if your getting them. Ron
    14. SEARAY245
      Tried again hope this time it worked
    15. SEARAY245
      Hi Scott try to E-mail you on the Raymarine E80 but it would not go through . Ron
    16. Lord Farringdon
      Lord Farringdon
      Hey Scott, what's the '727' in your avatar stand for? Did you used to fly them? I used to fly as specialist aircrew on Royal New Zealand Air Force B727-100 's. They were ex United QC's. We used them for carrying everything from cargo to the Queen of England!
    17. streaga51
      Hi, did you have issues with your prop shaft tube leaking thru the fiberglass? If so could you get back to me on how you resolved it.
      I have the same issue on my 02 310.

    18. rcknecht
      After everyone adds rules... how about consolidating them in a single list??? I would like to had our a sheet a of rules to my guests... thanks
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    Washington Park Marina, Michigan City
    airline pilot
    Boat Info:
    '89 Sea Ray 390 Express
    '00 Sea Ray 185 BR
    Boat Brand:
    Sea Ray
    mercruiser 7.4L inboards
    Mercruiser 4.3L/Alpha 1
    Life long boater, owned numerous Sea Ray and Boston Whalers over the last 30 years.


    1989 Sea Ray 390 Express, 2000 Sea Ray 185 BR
    Previous boats:'19 Boston Whaler Dauntless 17, ā€˜07 340 DA, '03 320 DA, '01 280 DA, '95 270 DA, '81 260 DA, '87 230 WE, '66 Boston whaler 13 sport, '75 BW 13 Sport, '87 BW 15 Supersport, '09 BW 15 Supersport, ā€˜12 BW Montauk 15, '19 BW Montauk 15 and a couple of dinghies.
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