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  • Hey buddy,

    How is the drive oil ghost? Haha haven't heard anything from you so I am assuming good.

    Hey saw your postings on the generator thread..... I am with you.

    That being said, just FYI. I am running a series of tests. I have a portable generator on the boat at my house on the trailer. Been running it on the platform, on the bow. In windy conditions and calm, bimini up, bimini down, camper canvas up, down, open, closed. Etc. I have two CO detectors and one meter placed in the boat, cockpit, cabin and such. Haven't got any readings in the cabin at all, and very very small traces in the cockpit but not enough to even set off the detector. This weekend I am gonna do some lake tests with it. Same type of tests. See how it does on the water and such. Letting you know here, rather just me posting it and getting the mob angry

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