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    48 Sundancer top speed WOT

    I suspect Sea Ray's testing was done in very light load conditions and for sure was done with a perfect, possibly unpainted bottom. Doing a full bottom job can easily add a knot or two to top end. No point in speed testing unless the bottom is smooth and clean. You also need to do two runs in...
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    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    We had a Sport 390 on ours. The 360 was a bit tight around the console, and does not have a seat in front of the console like the 390. The 390 is big on the platform but worked fine. You just need to be aware of it when docking. My Sport 390 is for sale up in Massachusetts if your interested.
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    Upholstery Shop Recommendations Cape Cod

    Not on the Cape, but not super far away either. I had fantastic service with Lee Brayton at BC Canvas in Warwick RI.
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    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    We thought about using the 58DB for the loop so we did look close at this. I am pretty sure itwould fit based on the measurements as Carter mentioned full of fuel, but that's with everything removed including the radar and probably horns as well. Doing that once is one thing, but once or twice...
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    2007 44 Sedan Bridge Toilet

    In 2007-2008 Sea Ray probably had a bad batch of sanitary hoses as every boat we looked at from 42-58 had rotted hoses. For the 44 DA I replaced mine myself, as everything was reasonably easy access. On my 58 the parts that were not accessible the hose ran through PVC pipes so it was possible...
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    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    Front Cushions from an early 2008 The front cushions are held in place with a track towards the bow and then secured by a cover that rides in a second track towards the bow and a zipper that is attached to a track up by the windshield. There are no other attachment points except the cover has...
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    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    Agreed! Lots of changes in personal and professional lives in the last 30 or so months, means what was once a dream of mine is very close to reality. Selling the 58 was a necessary step, it just went WAAYYY faster than I anticipated! From my following of the market since last fall, I think I...
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    Question about northeast

    Our favorite spot by far between the two is Edgartown as it sits literally and figuratively between the two. We really enjoy nice dinners ashore while on vacations, and while some of our favorite restaurants are in Edgartown we go there 5-6 times a year so its nice to get out to Nantucket as...
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    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    Those silents are pretty cool. Yes this was a hard decision but the hope is to find something soon enough that we can do a year or so Bahamas/Carribean trip with our daughter before she gets to high school. The hard part is the used sailing cat market has been super hot well before COVID and...
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    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    My time as a Sea Ray owner ended yesterday afternoon. The 58DB has moved on to another owner who moved it to it's new home in CT yesterday. We really enjoyed the boat, and our 44DA before it but we're heading in a totally different direction for a while. Next boat has not yet been determined...
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    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    Only way I can see is by changing to a water separator muffler, where water goes out one port and exhaust out another. I looked briefly at this but finding a place to put it is tough with the engine exhaust where it is.
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    Debris in Bay this year?

    I haven't been following the mid Atlantic weather super close this year but up in the Northeast we have had a ton of rain. We're looking at possibly being in Chesapeake in late August. The last time we were there 5 or so years ago there were trees and logs everywhere. Just wondering if it's...
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    420 DA Thread

    The 07 was a Vaccuflush tank, find a Vaccuflush dealer, they can help with parts. The pump out hose is just sanitation hose. I would start there before the pickup tube.
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    Cummins QSC “Gear Temperature Alarm”

    There isn't a spin on filter for your gearbox but there is a screen and magnetic plug at the bottom of the gearbox. I can't recall the exact size wrench but it's like 30mm or something like that. Your drain the fluid, remove the plug and screen, clean them off and replace the crush washer...
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    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    Our sun pads are extremely close if not identical to @ttmott's, but I will try to get pics this weekend. My old dock neighbor is now at the Marina we moved to so we could upgrade to the 58. He purchased a Marlow 70 just before IAN that was in Legacy Harbor and managed to survive with minor...