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  • Need help with replacing my old trim tab indicators on my 1985 300 sundancer as they are no longer available through Bennett, what indicators are a direct replacement? Thanks.
    I found you on this forum while trying to figure out why my trim tabs stopped working. I discovered that there was water in my pump reservoir. When I bought the boat last year the clear lexan cover was broken in half. I'm wondering if water can can into the reservoir between the black and white parts of the pump housing. I completely disassembled the pump to clean out the water and noticed the two pieces were sealed together with what looked like black silicone. They weren't stuck together though so I think the water could have gotten in there. I need to replace the lexan cover since water drips directly on top of the pump where its mounted. Do you think the cover will prevent the water intrusion? Thanks for the help.....Rob, Merritt Island Florida.
    Finally I'm getting my Tab problem , hopefully corrected.

    I've been waiting for an installer who said he would do the job...remember I have the tail heavy 40 Sedan Bridge . You suggested I buy and install tabs over the prop pockets.
    Enter a new installer that says he can not hook up the hydaulics as there is no room to get back there and work. I met a fellow who installed fixed tabs over the prop pockets on his 38' Bayliner - set down at 5% - and said it made a world of difference.

    I had the Noth Harbor Diesel people in Anacortes ( I'm on the 'hard' with them) who refused the job because of the plumbing access- install the tabs 'fixed' with about a 5% down bite.
    I'll report results with pictures.
    Hey Tom,
    Was wondering if yo ucould help me out. I'm having issues with my 1989 390 EC Sea Ray. Last winter another boat broke free and struck mines during a winter storm and ripped my port trim tab off. I've been on the hunt for a new set of trim tabs, but I seem to be having worlds of trouble finding the match to the factory set. Might you know where I should be looking to find the right ones? I beleive the factory ones were Bennet, not sure though.
    Thanks for the help on the trim tabs. I went to the boat this weekend and checked the fill, it only needed about 4 ounces of atf. When I press the button up and down then motor makes noise like it is trying to but no movement on either side. what do you think bad pump?
    Scott Johnson
    relentless 1996
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