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  • bạn tên mô vậy ?, Mình tên là hoa, mình quê ở hà nội, hiện mình đang sống ở quảng bình hiện tại mình40kem tri namcách trị nám mặtkem tri nam da578674103
    I have a 2000 330 EC. I saw your profile picture and I have a question. I need to take my dinghy with us on a few trips this year and I have been looking for a solution to mount it to to the small swim platform. You seem to have a method that works. Can you explain how you did it or send me some pictures?


    thanks again for all your knowledgeable imput i haVE been in boating for many years now &know what your talking about, Iwill call sea ray with the hin#So far all we checked was bottom; running gear &chime solid" checked interior clean;
    thanks for all your imput; wires under dash i can straighten out & ill fitted electronics but ny main concern is shape of engines & transmissions any imput on these or anything else?
    I have 2002 190 sundeck with the 5.0 mercruiser engine. I took the boat around the lake once and when I put the throttle to neutral to let the engine idle the RPMs jumped to 2500 and I can't get them to go down any suggestions?:smt100
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