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    410 Sundancer/Express Cruiser and 400 Sundancer/Express Cruiser **Official Thread**

    I don't remember exactly how, but there are screws on mu '98 400DA. If I get up to the boat in the next couple of days I will take a picture, otherwise someone else might remember. I am positive I took it out for the NMEA cable and also for another project.
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    410 Sundancer/Express Cruiser and 400 Sundancer/Express Cruiser **Official Thread**

    I can't see what boat you have, but I ran a NMEA cable from the helm to the stereo in the cabin. Take apart the dash. Get a couple of good flashlights. You will see cables running up into the cabin. Get a metal fish tape and run it up along those cables. On my boat the midcabin head is in the...
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    Reverso oil change pump

    This is what was left of my impeller, and it explains why it wouldn't work on the port engine or generator. It also got me wondering where the broken fins would go if I was pumping oil in instead of out. No fins were left in the pump.
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    Reverso oil change pump

    I'm curious whether anyone has experience with the impeller on the OP-7 lasting longer than the OP-6? The impeller on my 25-year old OP-6 seems to fail every year, and it is a pain to replace it because of where the unit is located. I'm considering replacing it with an OP-7, in the hopes of...
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    Official Caterpillar3116/3126 Thread

    Have you opened it? I was expecting gallon jugs but it seems like it is a bag.
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    Official Caterpillar3116/3126 Thread

    I bought the 3 gallon pack at walmar
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    Built in Blender...

    Here is what I ordered at the time. Looks like it is out of stock but it will give you an idea of what to search for. Kcpbl Plastic Blender for Nutone Built in Food Center 250, 251 and the Kitchen Center Power Base The blender says Ktichen Center 888-822-5824.
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    Official Caterpillar3116/3126 Thread

    Was there any conclusion to the great oil debate from last fall? After reading 40 pages of this thread I still can't tell whether the Shell Rotella T4 15W-40 that I used last year is still OK.
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    Let me ask the Buyers a question

    Another option is to search for a licensed marine surveyor in the area and hire them to review the boat, let you know condition, and do a video walk through. Yes, it will cost you sone $$, but you will get an educated, objective opinion on the boat.
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    2023 slip rates

    Just call Comcast directly. I did that a few years ago when I first set up my cable and internet. The marina had an "open house" with a Comcast rep that "handled" the account, but I figured out all they do is take a commision so I set up my service directly, and set it up each year directly...
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    2001 Era SkyScreen Black Out Shade Replacement

    Call Dometic. They were able to match direct replacements for my 98 400DA last summer.
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    410 Sundancer/Express Cruiser and 400 Sundancer/Express Cruiser **Official Thread**

    I'm more asking about draft in the harbor with props spinning. Agree with you 100% at anchor.
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    410 Sundancer/Express Cruiser and 400 Sundancer/Express Cruiser **Official Thread**

    What do you all consider a "safe" draft for your boats? I know the spec draft is 3' 6", but how close would you be comfortable cutting it for your channel and slip?
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    Last minute fees

    LPT: Ask how much something costs before you buy it.