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    320 Part Out

    I have a 2003 32 DA and need the Port Vent assuming the parts are the same...along with the Helm Switch pads Port and Starboard and computer if you have them. 1666130 BOX, DR/ABS 320DA-02 PORT VENT 1718618 MODULE, ELEC SWPAD S-CRUISER STBD CNVX RV2 1606581 MODULE, ELEC SWPAD SPORT CRUISER PRT CNVX
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    Tranny Cooler Failed

    Thanks all I was on the hook when I noticed the leak and onl ran it long enough to diagnose the problem not sure how long the machanic ran the engine before agreeing with my diagnoses. I think I'm going to wait and see how it goes before I do anything. Thanks all for your advise Ray
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    Tranny Cooler Failed

    The mechanic replaced the cooler and fluid but since it happened at the end of the season I didn't get a chance to run the boat much but it was changed and flushed. The machanic called me a month later and told me his tranny guy said that it needed to be rebuilt. I perfer not to spent the...
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    Tranny Cooler Failed

    Thanks Knot In...I had read that thread but was looking for others with the same issue to jump in. Here's my fear, if I wait and have a problem I lose a month, guessing , if I get it done now and don't really need it done its thousands wasted. I know it's a crap shoot but I was hopeing I would...
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    Tranny Cooler Failed

    Hi all, Although here in then NE the temperature is 16 I'm thinking boating. At the end of the season I had a tranny cooler failure causing sea water to enter the tranny. The repair was made at the but the machanic called about a month later stating that the tranny should be rebuilt since water...
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    Best cleaner/ wax to use

    I use the Mequires flagship also But I found it worked best when I would leave it in the sun and let the bottle get hot. It seemed to heat up the oils in it and went on better.
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    Looks to be oil coming out of exhaust

    Thanks Frank you've helped me before also thanks Ididntdoit! Ray
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    Looks to be oil coming out of exhaust

    How would i go about checking to see if it's the tranny cooler? Is it something I can check or do i need a diag meter ?
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    Looks to be oil coming out of exhaust

    Started engine today and saw what looks to be a oily sheen coming out of exhaust. It looks somewhat milky and feels slick, don't think it's gas. 6.2 l fresh water cooled engine, checked oil looks ok not milky, checked transmission fluid look ok maybe a little low. Not sure what transmission...
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    Would You?

    Yes if it pays well, what kind of work? No if your marina is filled with sneeze people.
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    Water Tank additives

    We always carry cases of bottled water for drinking and use the boat water for showers and wash down. At the beginning of the season I flush the tank out several times then add Clorox about a 1/2 to 1 cup. We use the holding tank water frequently to hose ourselves off when we go swimming so the...
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    Official 320 Dancer Thread

    Skolbe I think boat fix is no long with us but I do see other people that sell them. I don't see anyone that sells a dual or double horn for $22 more like $50 ish.
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    General Buying Question for a Sea Ray 225 Weekender

    A friend of mine is considering buying Sea Ray 225 Weekender and has found a 2002 with 200Hrs on the engine, salt water cooled and looks clean. I'm not terribly familiar with that Class of boat but was hoping anyone who owns a similar Model/Yr can offer her some good advice as to what she should...
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    Official 320 Dancer Thread

    Thanks Skolbe Drop in and it's $22 dollars, can't beat that unfortunately the site is down for maintenance at the moment :( This must be the one you purchased Thanks Again! Ray
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    Official 320 Dancer Thread

    Has anyone found a replacement horn for the 32' s. Im really not interested in going for a air system or changing the mounts just I horn that I can slap in without making a project out of it.
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    New Canvas Installation.

    I did mine last season and installed the bimini top first , hung it on the frame and zipped. I found that you need to premake a hole prior to installing the snap, if you don't the snap will not crimp properly. They make a tool to make the holes but i felt it wouldn't work for me so I used a ice...
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    320 Sundancer Advice

    I've owned mine for 5 yrs and have had no technical issues, definely enjoy the boat just wish it had a little more on the top end and also a bow thrusters... This was my first boat and I believe I made the right chose and of course would love to go larger but I need to get my two through...
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    Time to replace the bimini's. any suggestions on aftermarket or Searay?

    GreatlakesBoattops gave me 20% off with the code SRC311 which I found on the Right side of your screen here on this website. I puchased a full set of Canvas's plus tool.
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    Suggestions on how/where to buy new bimini canvas's.

    I purchased a complete set of Canvas’s for my 2003 Sundance 32 from and they arrived Friday. I opened the box and did a quick look this morning and they looked the same as my original Canvas but I really won’t know until I hang them on the Boat. states...
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    Sailrite quick fit kit for canvas

    Thanks for the advice all including the Cold Beer but I may have a Vodka when I'm done. I have to admit I'm a little nervous about making holes in my new Canvas that I just spent a couple of grand on.