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    Official 280 Sundancer Thread

    Great idea! You just helped me solve a problem the Admiral and her sister are nagging me about. Gonna make the drawer.
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    260DA sliding door - ball not trucks

    Bottom track works fine. Now the upper one with a truck is about gone and binding. This winter I am going to remove the windshield and helm and redo it all.
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    260DA sliding door - ball not trucks

    Try Teak Isle Mfg. 407-656-8885 ask for Jim Cox. Thats where I found them for my boat.
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    12v outlets in cabin not working

    I know it seems silly, check if your GFI outlet is tripped. If it is push it in to reset it
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    Engine won't start--sometimes

    I had a similar situation on my port engine. Ended up being a short in the wiring harness. I dont know if this is the same because of the dash lights but I was able to trace it by lightly moving each wire to get it to cut off. Hope this helps.
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    Relocating from MI to Virginia Beach

    I agree with EmJay there are endless options here. I have lived here all my life and it is very boater friendly as the name "Tidewater" suggests. I keep my boat on a lift in northern Va. Beach,the Great Neck area which is right where Lynnhaven boat storage and Marina Shores are. Before the lift...
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    Helm Removal Diagram

    My cabin door ripped off the bottom track and I was finally able to find the poly roller balls for my 2001 280 DA. I through bolted the door plate and got everything back together and lubed but after a few slides it was binding again. It appears the upper track plastic guide is getting alot of...
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    Cant see original question

    Sorry I quess I should have looked a little loonger and paid attention. Other sites I am on have the original first then the replys. This is the other way around. Thanks
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    Hello from Va. Beach Va.

    New to the club. Just bought a 2001 280 Sundancer 4.3s Kohler 5Kw. Owned several Wellcrafts. Wanted something a little more for cruising. Has a few issues so I will be using this site alot I am sure. Still keeping my 24" Wellcraft for tubing and wakeboarding and goofing off with my son and...
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    Cabin Door parts

    I have a 2001 280 DA. The cabin door came loose off the top plate. I managed to get all the trac off the deck and have figured out a way to to put the door back on the top plate. The problem is one of the two marble sized poly balls is out of round. The dealer says you cant just get the balls...
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    Cant see original question

    I am new to the site and I can not figure out how to view the original question. When I click on the topic all I see is the replies from members but not the original question. Would someone please help me out. Thanks