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  1. Tripsdad

    05-360 Da anchor locker hatch lock not catching

    I agree with the other comments above but I will take a look when I can get down to the boat and report back what's in mine.
  2. Tripsdad

    Joke Thread.. post 'em if you got 'em

    A senior citizen drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the dealership. Taking off down the road, he floored it to 80 mph, enjoying the wind blowing through what little gray hair he had left. Amazing, he thought as he flew down I-94, pushing the pedal even more. Looking in his rear...
  3. Tripsdad

    Garmin releases the new line of electronics the 9000 series

    I think you’re right about the resolution but it is probably the anti-glare and ability to see from an angle that I’m after. I find myself having to lean toward the screen to see it. Thanks!
  4. Tripsdad

    Garmin releases the new line of electronics the 9000 series

    My main reason for upgrading the 92X screen on the left is for a screen that has less glare and is easier to see from the helm seat. I think I remember that the X43 series used the same screen as the 8600 which is easy to see at an angle.
  5. Tripsdad

    Garmin releases the new line of electronics the 9000 series

    When I upgraded my electronics 4 years ago I had to make modifications to fit the 8612 in the largest space on my dash so a 19” display is not in my future. My second display is an older 92X series that I was thinking of replacing this winter to a 943 but I’m wondering if I should wait at this...
  6. Tripsdad

    Garmin GHC 20 Autopilot Control Unit Goes Dark

    I do all my updates with AC and it just seems like it is a time consuming process but I can confirm AC will only download uninstalled updates. The part that scares me every time I do an update is the warning that comes up basically stating that interrupting the update process could render the...
  7. Tripsdad

    Garmin GPSMap - Custom settings reset after reboot

    I’ve been using my Garmins (8612 and 942) for 4 seasons now and set up some custom split screens but didn’t know about the pre-sets. Always learn something new here. Thanks guys!
  8. Tripsdad

    Calling all 360 DA owners

    I have not needed to replace any but looks like it could work.
  9. Tripsdad

    Engine hour question. 2005 / 390 Sundancer

    Right or wrong I almost always leave my keys in the on position and never add hours. I replaced my ECU over the past winter and as others have said the hoiurs are stored in the ECU so the motor with the new ECU started with zero hours this season. Ask if the ECU was replaced and verify with...
  10. Tripsdad

    Single beep, loss of smartview, engine runs, techs stumped....

    Capt Mike, I had the same exact issue as you described in your original post with momentary stall restart happening once on most trips but then not at all for a week or two only to happen again and again. A frustrating issue for sure! I had my mechanics chasing the issue on my Stbd motor for...
  11. Tripsdad

    Light to play cards in the cockpit

    How about something like this? I got a similar set of 3 at Costco 3 years ago and they work for us.
  12. Tripsdad

    Cleaning the "mascara" marks off fiberglass.

    It's on the internet so it must be true :-) All kidding aside I cannot confirm whether it does or does not remove the wax but the area I clean with the Black Streak Remover does not look noticeably different than adjacent areas where it is not used. That being said I tend to use the cleaner...
  13. Tripsdad

    Cleaning the "mascara" marks off fiberglass.

    I've been using the Starbrite Black Streak Remover with great success and according to the label, it will not remove wax.
  14. Tripsdad

    Joke Thread.. post 'em if you got 'em

    I probably would have if I had seen it! :-)
  15. Tripsdad

    New 12v cabin lights

    Sounds good. I changed my courtesy lights by the floor on either side of the bed and by the steps to blue LED so would most likely leave these off when we sleep. Thanks!
  16. Tripsdad

    New 12v cabin lights

    Looks like a nice upgrade. I like the addition of the USB plug but not sure I would want the blue nightlight at the head of the bed. Can you turn off the blue nightlight feature?