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    380 AC Cutlass Bearing Info

    How many hours on your engines
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    Generator, Starter/House or other?

    Pretend you are in a tent. What do you need. We have a 21 foot jetboat we cook, sleep on and shower on (6 gallon hot water tank we heat with engine cooling system). It has 2 group 24 deep cycle batteries and we cook on a gas stove. Boat has a 350 Vortex goes 40 MPH. Boat dry weight is 3400...
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    What causes you the most anxiety while on the water under power?

    Logs. Have hit a few going slow. They hide in the waves and are almost submerged. Bent a prop once but no hull damage.
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    I've been absent a bit lately, here's why

    We live in the prairies. All we got is rivers so if we want to Ocean boat we drive. Used to fly but now retired.
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    I've been absent a bit lately, here's why

    We have a 37 item check list we go through before we leave the house for longer than a day. We also have one for the boat. Been doing this since 2003 when we left the propane tank on in the boat. I called the marina and they turned it off we live 800 miles from the boat. We leave both list where...
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    Worn out water pump?

    See if you can find a part number on your pump. If you do you should be able to find a replacement. We did and saved half of OEM part price.
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    Is this going to make it for the winter?

    Based on snow getting on the tarp you could cause your boat to flip over it you have big snow storm them rain. Check your insurance to see if you are covered for non standard modification that cause damage
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    Boat tool kit

    A few years ago we met a couple in their 80ies on a converted 65 foot tug. Nice boat. I asked what they carried for tools and parts. He showed me his cell phone.
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    Piloting twin engine on one engine

    Based on our experience you get one shot at landing on one engine. Make sure you will not damage the transmission by letting the prop fee wheel. Go slow and go when the wind is low. That is what we did. I had a starter fail and had to go 30 miles on one engine. Normal cruising speed for us is...
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    Damaged running gear

    Question to all The times I have made an insurance claim. The insurance company hires or has on staff a licensed marine surveyor who asses the damage and works with the repair facility to price the work. Once an estimate is made the insurance company indicates if it is acceptable. The work...
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    Mechanic took a short cut winterizing?

    We fill boat in October and start it in May. No E fuel is good for a year or so. During Covid we left boat for 2year full of E fuel. Started fine and ran well on old gas. We fill our tanks 300 gallons total in the fall. No stabilizer, no fogging engine.
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    Damaged running gear

    Is 5K normal deductible we have 1K and premium is 1,800 a year. Up 600 from last yeat but I had a 10K claim when due to prop and hull damage. Insurance company had no concerns about our skill we contacted un charted object.
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    VacuFlush toilet sealing, again

    Could be small dirt in the ball seal area or in duck bills. We have one head that leaks slowly from time to time replacing parts does not help. To stop it for a month or so I put in a lot of dish soap let it sit 12 hours then fill bowl and flush and let sit 12 hours.
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    Engine Oil Recommendation

    All oils have different additives. There are a lot of "Oil tests" comparisons on the internet. Frequent oil changes will slowly flush out sludge based on what I have seen. Engines are designed for certain internal clearances. Correct oil ensures those clearances are maintained.
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    Damaged running gear

    Price included hall out, in yard for a week while props were rebuilt and was in CDN dollars. So 2K US
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    Engine Oil Recommendation

    1989 twin 454 380 Aft Cabin. Manual says 30 or 40 oil. We have 3600 hours on the engines use 40 oil at first used Delco then switch to shell at 1500 hours. Engines with Shell Rotela do not use oil and there is no blue smoke. We got boat at 650 hours pervious owner used 15 40 Delco. Change oil...
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    Damaged running gear

    I hit a not chart plotted rock. Bent both props. Shop was able to rebuild both for 3,200. I belong to BoatUS. They had to come 50 miles. Got boat to marina then arranged to have the boat halled next day. Saved my insurance company bundle. They would not reduce the detectable even though I saved...
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    water running in the motor bilge

    What year is the boat? It could be a leak at the connection between the upper and lower parts at rub rail
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    SS water cap 380 Aft Cabin year 1989

    I dropped the cap in the water. I went to West Marine and got a new 1.25". The diameter was correct but the threads were different. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement cap. Or know the thread type and pitch. The cap off the gas tank fits.
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    Generator for 2007 Sundancer 240

    We boat where there are few to no other boats. We carry a 2000 watt generator. In some areas we stop are abandoned docks we place generator on dock and charge batteries. We have 10 six volt and four 12 volt. At a marina it takes 6 plus hours to charge them. The portable generator off the boat...