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  1. boatrboy

    Engine Hatch?

    I was at the boat today working on electronics and made this short you tube video opening the hatch with no battery's. I should mention I have an a/c power cord hooked up to the marina 110 outlets in the parking lot.
  2. boatrboy

    Engine Hatch?

    I have mentioned this on several posts but with a bad charger I’m not sure of the results here. Anyway, I can plug in my shore power to the marina 110 vac and run everything in my boat once the converter is switched on. The hatch opens just fine, radio plays, lights work, etc. My battery...
  3. boatrboy


    Phil - you have this in two different threads so it’s difficult to follow - I would stick with one thread (the other one). As I mentioned electric fuel pumps are just that, “electric” and pump the same pressure, unless the voltage is way too low. This is highly unlikely based on your...
  4. boatrboy

    2000 340 Sundancer Starboard Engine not starting

    Correct - I mention this as my last boat had the same motor and every spring I had difficulties getting it started. Holding throttle open would allow it to start but not idle well as with throttle the IAC is basically bypassed. Mine would stumble then it was fine for the season. After it...
  5. boatrboy

    2000 340 Sundancer Starboard Engine not starting

    Mitch - his first pic shows an fwc mpi. And very clean at that. Phil - I don’t believe gas flow has anything to do with slow cranking based on what you described so far. You should have an electric fuel pump which engine cranking speed won’t effect. I will assume at some point you held the...
  6. boatrboy

    Help me identify these transducers - 340 Da

    Dt - thanks. After an hour on the phone with Sea Ray and Mercruiser, it appears as you said, my transducer goes into the engine harness per Mercruiser rep I spoke to. He stated that each engine has one of the sensors reporting to it. This is why it shows up on my vesselview and not my old...
  7. boatrboy

    Late 90s sundancer 270 or 240

    Just in case you didn’t realize, a few years there were two versions of this boat. I had the “wide” one which is 9’2”. The se version has a smaller width, I think 8’ iirc. I am partial, but there is a big difference in space with the two. Mine weighed in at 7500 empty. I loved that boat. I...
  8. boatrboy

    Help me identify these transducers - 340 Da

    I have everything apart and did a number on my hand (raw fiberglass cuts) pulling the radio control box (which looks like a dsm) out to remove all unnecessary items. Plus the control box had the vhf connector in the back and I needed to pull that anyway. I have cleaned every inch of the rear...
  9. boatrboy

    Help me identify these transducers - 340 Da

    I agree I will drill down in the ER and pull the sensor to get dimensions and find where it is wired. I am confused because there is no white tag that I can see on the sensor AND - everything I read says there is a DSM but my schematic doesn't show this nor did I find it when I ripped the dash...
  10. boatrboy

    Help me identify these transducers - 340 Da

    Thanks Dr. Can you elaborate? I don’t quite follow - what reason? Did you do the job yourself or have it done? My dash is completely apart so no testing now. Can you answer my questions about the vv and tell me which unit you installed? Tia
  11. boatrboy

    Help me identify these transducers - 340 Da

    So what I’m trying to figure out is where is my vessel(1.5 older) getting depth readings from since I see no wires separate from the main harness. If the sea talk wires I see are the gps antenna, which seems logical as the main plug in the c-80 shows a pin out with nema’s, is my original...
  12. boatrboy

    Help me identify these transducers - 340 Da

    Update - I have removed vhf and gps as I venture installing new stuff. I have the std horizon gx2400 with ais receiver and need to cut the dash for this, and installed the nema 2000 network already. Gps will be ordered shortly and radar will have to wait until next year. So my question is on...
  13. boatrboy

    Fittings for 8.1 hot water heater connections

    For what is worth (usually nothing) here is a picture (bottom left of photo) of where my hot water connects to the motor. I’m not sure if you were referring to the hot water heater side or engine side, but none the less, the fitting on my motor is brass.
  14. boatrboy

    Official 2003.5-2008 340 Sundancer Thread

    Do you folks know how to remove these panels for access?
  15. boatrboy

    Old Boater - Switching to Statute Miles/MPH vs Knots/Nautical Miles???

    Since I relate better to mph or just miles, I have never used knots. Plus I don’t want to do the math every time I think about knots. Not really a compelling reason but that’s why I choose miles.
  16. boatrboy

    Boat Haulers

    So shall we assume you found the “needle in the haystack”?
  17. boatrboy

    Bigger Transom Name

    Greg - these ladies did my graphics and have quite a library. You may be able to get ideas looking through their gallery.
  18. boatrboy

    Oil Leaks

    That is the power steering pump. It should not be too hard to find with a mirror and some patience. The hoses have crimped ends and they usually leak there - check both sides.
  19. boatrboy

    Starting Rocker Switch

    @KevinC on this site may stock them. Check with him at cove marine.
  20. boatrboy

    4.3 will not start, No spark

    I did not know it was a mpi at first. The I looked up his serial number and saw this which has me curious. Isn’t number 6 a replaceable module?