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  1. hughespat57

    Couple cruising the Caribbean for winter murdered.

    Yeah, first this was Grenada/St Vincent. Way south of the Bahamas. Just north of Venezuela completely different situation.
  2. hughespat57

    2000 340 Sundancer Starboard Engine not starting

    I should have been more clear I’m thinking the battery is getting old and with the low temps losing capacity. How old are the batteries?
  3. hughespat57

    2000 340 Sundancer Starboard Engine not starting

    Start the port up Give it a few minutes to charge that battery Then try the jumper switch while cranking the starboard In the cold he battery may be weaker
  4. hughespat57

    Fuel filter replacement

    Yes gaskets stick New cartridges should come with new rubber
  5. hughespat57

    Who has replaced the Kiss cooktop with something other than a cooktop?

    I assume no generator since you have butane. When you pull the stove I think it will be a pretty rough cut opening. Trimming it would be some work. But if you get a large thin cutting board you could place it on top and screw it from underneath.
  6. hughespat57

    Sea Fire module question

    If the concern is the module fails it can be bypassed easily. There is a terminal strip on each side of the module with two wires for each device, port, starboard engines, generator and blowers. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and combine each pair onto a single screw. Take about five...
  7. hughespat57

    Excessive smoking 480CE

    Slow down before you go to full rebuild mode... You had a chronic overheating issue recently that you resolved. Worst case would be you scored the cylinder walls, but it could be much simpler as well. You noted it is worst when cold and gets better when warmed up and run. You may have cooked...
  8. hughespat57

    Fuel filter replacement

    The Fram is not a spin off Remove the bolt in the bottom Should be a WIX 33110 cartridge
  9. hughespat57

    Holley Sniper EFI

    Agree with @hottodie I have carbs wouldn’t want add on EFI The Thunderbolt is getting impossible to find parts. So that upgrade is worthwhile if any issues in ignition. P.s. If any mods be sure everything is marine ignition protected
  10. hughespat57

    Replacement Christmas Tree Clips

    Proper tool slips around the clip and pry gently Amazon 10$
  11. hughespat57

    Fittings for 8.1 hot water heater connections

    You shouldn’t use brass if it is a salt water cooled block. The iron automotive are fine, the block is iron.
  12. hughespat57

    2011 Sea Ray 195 Anchor Light switch wiring

    The original would have looked like this. You may need some piggy back connects to add the jumpers.
  13. hughespat57

    2011 Sea Ray 195 Anchor Light switch wiring

    That area of the schematic is very cluttered and not consistently marked. In this case the black dots at "4" is the indicator lamp inside the switch. (not a connection point) A fifth terminal should be present for the ground connection for the lamps. On a small boat Nav lights are correctly...
  14. hughespat57

    Engine removal

    I would get the bolt heads off. Grind or drill. Then spray liberally. The manifolds should be able to slide off the “studs” until it hits the other engine. That should give a large enough gap to use a reciprocating saw or hacksaw to cut the bolts bear the manifold Leaving enough to get a...
  15. hughespat57

    Engine removal

    Have you considered a right angle drill.
  16. hughespat57

    Mercruiser Engine stops after approx. 1,5h

    See post #7 You can pick up a cheap fuel pressure gauge kit at Harbor Freight Handy for anything you think is fuel related on an injection engines.
  17. hughespat57

    Mercruiser Engine stops after approx. 1,5h

    Ok so you have a 350 Magnum Multi Point Injection Computer controlled, cool fuel pump. Do you have access to any tools? Voltmeter? Fuel pressure gauge? Not something you can just throw parts at. Start simple when it acts up check the tank as i said. If no gauges see if you have fuel pressure...
  18. hughespat57

    Mercruiser Engine stops after approx. 1,5h

    Need the Mercruiser model and serial number off engine cover. Otherwise we are guessing. Carbureted? Fuel injected? Port or TB? Etc to many variables.
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    Mercruiser Engine stops after approx. 1,5h

    Details Year and exact model of engine When it happens try opening fuel fill cap listen for air being sucked in try restarting. Could be plugged tank vent.
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    1989 39 searay window leaks

    Cant find a photo of a 89 but this is a 90 I assume similar V berth with the port holes on the hull side? Water leaks are tricky to track down. water will flow down but on its way down it may run horizontal many feet before it shows itself. The port holes are the most common issue as mentioned...