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  1. Bill Curtis

    Long winter at the range

    Or, just install a better set of sights. Or am I missing something? :cool:
  2. Bill Curtis

    Photobucket - Argh

    Actually, used AOL as the servicer. Go to AOL and log on using the verizon credentials.
  3. Bill Curtis

    Safety Briefing

    Saw this one on a Job site while I was a Commissioning Agent. It's a keeper.
  4. Bill Curtis

    Yellow fuel line

    That yellow line is a vent line for the fuel pump diaphragm. In an automotive fuel pump, if the pump diaphragm leaks, the nipple position is just a hole, and fuel leaks out the hole. In marine applications, it is basically an automotive fuel pump with that nipple and yellow hose so the fuel...
  5. Bill Curtis

    Long winter at the range

    In a CQW defensive application, the 6" of center mass would work (for me anyway). I'm not looking for MoA in that situation, looking for MoM (minute of man) to stop a threat. Easy for my H&K USP45
  6. Bill Curtis

    Bellows Replacement

    Being an older boat, sometimes a valid course of action would be to replace items, like raw water pump impeller and the underwater rubber parts, to set a new baseline for maintenance intervals. I pull my drive off for the winters and store in garage, so I do the checks and alignment check every...
  7. Bill Curtis

    limp mode coming off plane

    Water pressure sensor in the line between the raw water pump and the 1st oil / PS cooler maybe? Look on youtube and there are videos showing what to do to check / clean the port in the water line manifold.
  8. Bill Curtis

    Funny Shit

    Interesting concept
  9. Bill Curtis

    Bikini forum due to popular demand

    LOL... A bunch of "I pulled Grandpa's finger" pictures.
  10. Bill Curtis

    Service Manual #39 for Mercruiser Sterndrive

    I have manual #28 that does all the bravos, 3 included
  11. Bill Curtis

    Mercruiser 7.4L MPI Horizon distributor timing

    Actually, the one it's pointing to is now #1, but that may confuse someone down the road troubleshooting a problem, if it's not like the picture. My OCD tells me to make it like the diagrams. If it doesn't match then the dizzy needs to be reset on the cam gear.
  12. Bill Curtis

    Bikini forum due to popular demand

    More like 7.62 / .308 linked
  13. Bill Curtis

    A Dog. You say you have one? Lets see...

    Aint that the truth. At 4 months At 6 months Kind of odd, I NEVER had a problem with intruders when most neighbors were broken into at the time.
  14. Bill Curtis

    Illegal Immigration

    Keep your powder dry boys.....
  15. Bill Curtis

    Mercruiser 7.4L MPI Horizon distributor timing

    With damper at 0 degrees and the #1 cyl at TDC and both valves closed (compression stroke), dist points to #1 plug wire. Just follow the wire from #1 plug and you have it.
  16. Bill Curtis

    A Dog. You say you have one? Lets see...

    This was my girl (with her groomer). She passed 4 months ago. Sure miss her
  17. Bill Curtis

    First Sea Ray

    Welcome aboard. Nice boat. Congrats
  18. Bill Curtis

    TRUMP 2024

    Oh, please. Mainstream media magpie.......
  19. Bill Curtis

    TRUMP 2024

    We don't need new or to "creatively" change the border laws. Just strictly enforce the F****n one that are on the books already. You know, the ones that have been there since the early 1900's that certain folks like to ignore for political gain.
  20. Bill Curtis

    Joke Thread.. post 'em if you got 'em

    Aint that the truth.....