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  1. spikedaddy99

    Couple cruising the Caribbean for winter murdered.

    We were in Cozumel 2 weeks ago. There were 5 murdered over in Cancun. I'll stay in Lake Mi ;)
  2. spikedaddy99

    Where would you sell your boat?

    and Craigslist
  3. spikedaddy99

    2005 500DB Salon Air Conditioner Removal

    Brian, my yard removed the entire sofa last summer to fix mine. It isn't really a hard job. ttmott explained it well. It took the guy less than 30 minutes to get to it. Mike
  4. spikedaddy99

    Kohler 5eCD won't turn over

    Mine did this years ago. It turned out a service guy knocked out one of my fuses. I don't remember much more than that (10 + yrs ago) but check all of the fuses too and make sure they are good. IIRC, there were a bunch on it.
  5. spikedaddy99

    Funny Shit

    Starting when?
  6. spikedaddy99

    Funny Shit

    I did mean bad. M
  7. spikedaddy99

    Funny Shit

    I am in the process of replacing my transmission in my 2021 Tahoe. 80k miles only. Out of warranty. My last chevy I will own. My last 2 have had transmission problems. Dealer ate the last one. Trans. shop says 120 speed trans. shift tooo much and just deteriorate too fast. Oh yeah, dealer...
  8. spikedaddy99

    Guns in Canada

    It's more remembering to take my gun off of the boat than worrying about having one for defense. If it was simple paperwork, I'd do it. Instead I will have to remember to take my pistol out of it's hidey hole. The group I am going with are all gun owners and would target practice together if...
  9. spikedaddy99

    Guns in Canada

    Woody, we are boating up into the North Channel. M
  10. spikedaddy99

    I'm smoking weed!

    I'm gonna start smoking weed.,tearfully%20address%20the%20judge%20Tuesday. I can handle 100 hours of community service, and there a...
  11. spikedaddy99

    Rescued Black Lab

    Way to go Ollie.
  12. spikedaddy99

    Self Checkout---Like 'em or hate 'em?

    Order online, have them put groceries in your car...
  13. spikedaddy99

    Chinese run in with Boogie Woogie Man

    If you don't want to be video'd...get out of the video....
  14. spikedaddy99

    So, lets talk weather....

    I've plowed once this year, and my son plowed once...and hit his buddy's car with the plow.:mad:
  15. spikedaddy99

    Bottom Paint

    Orlando, in fresh water? I'm on the 6th year of ownership (albeit out of the water 6 months at a time) and have just touched up a few spots over the last couple of years. And my yard even said just touch up! They could have screwed me and said to do it since I asked.
  16. spikedaddy99

    Just testing the water

    Wow! She's a beauty.
  17. spikedaddy99

    Just testing the water

    We need pictures!!
  18. spikedaddy99

    So let's hear about and see your cars.

    Here son, breathe into this straw for me...
  19. spikedaddy99

    So, lets talk weather....

    -11(F) this am. Still not enough snow to ride though. My cousin said it was snowing in Houston TX this morning!
  20. spikedaddy99

    Cool Shit

    I've been there. It's a pretty cool place.