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  1. JayhawkCurtis

    Quote thread..

    Pepper Rogers Kansas Jayhawks Head Football Coach (1967–1970) “My only friend was my dog, and I told my wife (that) a man should have at least two friends. So she bought me another dog.”
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    Bikini forum due to popular demand

    And a good Sunday morning to you!
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    Funny Shit

  4. JayhawkCurtis

    Fuse keeps popping short

    If you disconnect your blower and it still pops the fuse = short. If it does not blow the fuse with the blower disconnected, you have yourself a bad blower.
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    Funny Shit

  6. JayhawkCurtis

    It’s a boy !!

    Hopefully that skips a generation, oh wait?
  7. JayhawkCurtis

    It’s a boy !!

    Congrats! We need a grandkid thread
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    Are you on the NVIDIA bandwagon?

    Buy high and sell low, that’s how i roll
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    A Dog. You say you have one? Lets see...

    Great idea, sent to the wife.
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    Funny Shit

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    Joke Thread.. post 'em if you got 'em

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    Dipping a toe

    Welcome, let’s see a picture of the ol girl
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    Sundancer How long is too long

    Its an expensive hobby for sure
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    Funny Shit

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    Lake Saint Clair Peeps

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    never had it, never will. I hope
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    NGK BPR6EFS spark plugs

    Ill bump these one more time, shipping costs only