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  1. bahamabreisus

    What's this ? And I'd it suppose to be loose

    It may have are popped out because it has gone bad, they are cheap, I would replace it. It is a crankcase ventilation valve.
  2. bahamabreisus

    Sheen in exhaust water from Kohler generator

    I know Westerbekes were very finicky about new plugs every year or they would put out that sooty black sheen.
  3. bahamabreisus

    1988 Laguna 23/24 new to me project-parts availability Most likely the supplier
  4. bahamabreisus

    What to do with KVH TV1?

    Yes, thats it
  5. bahamabreisus

    What to do with KVH TV1?

    Before you jump into Starlink, I saw a new antenna that grabs the best cell signal in the area you are. You but usage, but it seems like $50-60/ month will stream all the stuff you would need. I will try to find that info again.
  6. bahamabreisus

    Trump says to give Bud Light a second chance....WTF

    All my buddies switched from Bud Light to other beers because of the fiasco. I decided, I like Bud Light and stayed with it. In the beginning, people would actually give me crap at grocery stores buying it. Did I like the ad, HELL NO, but I did like the beer. I decided I was not going to punish...
  7. bahamabreisus

    Palm Beach to Grand Bahama

    We go to Grand Bahama a lot, just not by boat, yet. We love it there, always feel safe. Hope you enjoy trip. Wish we could join in.
  8. bahamabreisus

    Cruisair 24K BTU 230 Volt replacement recommendation in a 450EB

    Look into Webasto. We had 3 on our 500DA, they were very quiet and extremely efficient. They cost a lot less to boot.
  9. bahamabreisus

    starter switch for port engine intermittent issues

    WE had a similar issue on our 370. It turned out to be the fuel pump relay. I know, sounds crazy, but that's what it was.
  10. bahamabreisus

    2001 Sundancer 380 Captains Chair

    Unless the frame of the seat is rotten it can be recovered. Its a hard job and they may just not want to do it. Look for 2nd opinion.
  11. bahamabreisus

    86 EC Shore power receptacles

    I think a lot of the AC units were dealer installed in those days on that size boats. So the dealer would install a 2nd power inlet.
  12. bahamabreisus

    5/8" single twist rode vs.5/8" double braid rode for all rope goodwindlass

    Good Windlasses will only work with their line. I know this the hard way. Trust me
  13. bahamabreisus

    86 EC Shore power receptacles

    On the outside, 1 should be labeled line 1 and 1 line 2. Look on your interior panel and see which one the AC is on.
  14. bahamabreisus

    Boat Hauler
  15. bahamabreisus

    Boat Hauler

    We used this guy last year to move our 370 from Kent Island MD to Wilmington NC. He was on time and very informative. Very reasonable also. Ken at First Choice, 910-675-1962. Highly recommend.
  16. bahamabreisus

    Self Checkout---Like 'em or hate 'em?

    I refuse to go to Walmart because of self checkout. Give me 5% discount, I will do the work, otherwise I'll wait for a cashier. I try to stay away from any store with it.
  17. bahamabreisus

    I'm smoking weed!

    FU***NG Amazing.
  18. bahamabreisus

    Discharge vs vacuum pump Check these guys. Great customer service.
  19. bahamabreisus

    Upper Bay freeze up

    Just hit 40 in coastal Carolina. High teens last night. 70s by end of week.