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  1. Little Ducky

    Clean Fresh Water Tank

    In the past few years I've used compressed air to evacuate all the water in my fresh water system which eliminates the need for water safe antifreeze and surprisingly eliminated any smells when refilling the system including the sulfur smell from the hot water system.
  2. Little Ducky

    Bilge water under the trash can

    I'm not sure how your boat is configured but is your AC condensate tray near by? I had my 260 DA AC condenser drain line plug up and it over flowed around the sump under the steps.
  3. Little Ducky

    Total Loss?

    Sorry if I missed it but what was the failure that allowed water to enter the boat?
  4. Little Ducky

    Bow Moisture

    Can you get into your anchor locker and look up to get a better look at the wood?
  5. Little Ducky

    Matthew Perry

    Trigger much. Who the fuck cares.
  6. Little Ducky

    Generator , Kohler

    Do you have the manual for your unit? Post up a picture of the data plate on top of your unit and I bet someone will find one for you. Most guides have a pretty good trouble shooting guide in the back.
  7. Little Ducky

    Batteries suck

    This reminds me that I need to test my Duracell 31M AGM's this year just to see how they are holding up. I bought them in 2018 so they are going on 5 years.
  8. Little Ducky

    Looking for replacement bimini

    Has the material failed or the seams coming apart? I'm currently having my entire enclosure resewn with some new zippers and hook and loop.
  9. Little Ducky

    Official 1998 Sea Ray Sundancer 290 Thread

    Oh Shit. That is one of my biggest fears cruising at night.
  10. Little Ducky

    1998 SR 290 Sundancer - Little Ducky II

    It's been a while for an update. I decided to give some love to the canvas to extend it's life a little longer. It's been removed and resewn. I started to have seams pull apart, zippers break, and hook & loop disintegrate so what a better time than fall/winter to have this done. But not...
  11. Little Ducky

    What causes you the most anxiety while on the water under power?

    Hitting submerged stuff....logs, trees, etc, at night the channel markers can come out of nowhere and other boaters especially bass boats at night flying across the water with their docking lights on and you know they can see you at all. BTW that's a pretty cool knife linked above. I had to...
  12. Little Ducky

    Official 1998 Sea Ray Sundancer 290 Thread

    Look below in the signature area for some resources that might come in handy.
  13. Little Ducky

    Replace or Kill that Darn ACR Remote Controlled Spotlight

    Being in TN on a river I defiantly boat in different conditions than you but I gave up on my spotlight and now use a LED flashlight for my river navigation at night. Much better light, better beam, quicker to sweep for navigation markers using my arm.
  14. Little Ducky

    Happily done.

    Now it's time for the holidays. Enjoy :)
  15. Little Ducky

    Seeing derelict boats bums me out.

    There were a hand full littering up the TN river around Chattanooga then some company must of got the contract to recover them all. There was a few videos on the local facebook page of some of the recoveries. I'm hoping they are going after the owners of these boats for the cost of receovery.
  16. Little Ducky

    Best source for raw water system antifreeze?

    I use something like this.
  17. Little Ducky

    Pouring Pink into hoses. Raw Water Pump concern?

    I take it your boat is out of the water? How about the baby pool, sump pump, and motor muff method?
  18. Little Ducky

    Best source for raw water system antifreeze?

    I thought the same. The hot water tank did not develop that sulfur smell as before. I still use a bit of pink in the toilet, drains and sump box. I'm fortunate enough to be able to boat all year long so I just heat the engine area.
  19. Little Ducky

    Best source for raw water system antifreeze?

    Could save a little bit and buy a small compressor from HF to blow out your fresh water system. Been doing this that last 2 years and it's been great. I spent less money on a small compressor then 4 gal of antifreeze during the days of supply chain issues.
  20. Little Ducky

    Winterizing alternative

    If you are going to go anywhere, come on down to Chattanooga. You can get away with minimum winterization and then heat your engine and interior. I do winterize the fresh water system and waste tank but heat everything else. I love getting out on the water on those sunny cold days.