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  1. hynespa

    December 7th 1941 - As recalled by my mom

    My mom was a 10 year old girl living on a military base in Hawaii, when it was attacked on December 7, 1941 by the Japanese. Today is the 82nd anniversary of that infamous attack that drew the United States into World War II. Before my mom passed away in 2003, she wrote the following first...
  2. hynespa

    Batteries suck

    Hi all - never thought I'd be posting about my cars on a boat forum ... but wanted to share my perspective after since I have cars that fall into all 3 categories. Full disclosure here are our 3 cars: * Audi A3 Convertible w gas "ICE" engine * Tesla Model Y (full EV) * Jeep Wrangler 4xe (plug...
  3. hynespa

    Sunrise at Two Harbors, Catalina

    Mid day at Two Harbors: View from back of boat in Avalon…
  4. hynespa

    How to Properly Tap into a 12V Circuit for TV and Bluetooth Adapter

    Hey @matttt22 - I converted my Samsung TV to run off of 12v instead of 120. I detailed it here (not sure why the pictures I took are not coming up on the site any more):
  5. hynespa

    420 DA Thread

    Hey @brewster16 The threads have come apart in several locations now due to sun and weather damage - so I'm going to get quotes to have them re-upholstered. In January 2021 I followed the steps in this post to fix where it unraveled - and that bought me a couple more years with the upholstery...
  6. hynespa

    420 DA Thread

    @Captsteve427 - THANKS!!! Wasn't expecting it to be that simple - but just went back out there and got on my knees ... it is! THANKS!!!
  7. hynespa

    420 DA Thread

    Hi - I apologies because I'm sure this question has been asked and answered before ... but I am looking to remove the rear cockpit cushion to bring it to an upholstery shop. How do I loosen it / get it off?
  8. hynespa

    Yacht Decking - Synthetic Marine Decking

    I like the decking - but boy does it get hot in the sun! I need to spray water on it periodically to avoid burning our feed when barefoot.
  9. hynespa

    420 DA Thread

    @Blueone - is this the specific model that fit? Galanz 0.9 Cu. Ft Air Fry Microwave Stainless Steel My OEM Panasonic NN-T888S still works fine…but know it won’t last forever…
  10. hynespa

    420 DA Thread

    Could somebody please post a picture of their shower sump box here? Mine is leaking and it is coming from where the white corrugated hose exits the box. What I have does not seem to match up with the Searay Parts Guide which shows part number 1521426 a "THRU-HULL SS 1.5"X 1.5"BARB" at the...
  11. hynespa

    Is there anyone in So. Calif. out there???

    Just came across this film on YouTube from a 1962 boat visit to Catalina Island and Avalon. Interesting how many aspects of the Avalon look the same today 60 years later! Also interested to see the styles of boats moored in Avalon at that time. Fast forward to ~ 21 minutes in to see Catalina:
  12. hynespa

    WARNING - $375 vs $26 for USCG renewal

    PLEASE BE AWARE - If you receive a letter like the one I pasted below! The "National Documentation Portal" is *NOT* affiliated with the US Coast Guard - but a company that uses misleading logo's etc to make boat owners think they are part of the USCG National Vessel Documentation Center. The...
  13. hynespa

    Stained Corian in cockpit wet bar

    According to the original Searay Brochure for my year / model the cockpit wet bar countertops are Corian.
  14. hynespa

    Stained Corian in cockpit wet bar

    I think some of the stains were caused by a leaking bottle of hand sanitizer…
  15. hynespa

    420 DA Thread

    Discovered fluxgate compass!! Everything I have read here indicated the Raymarine fluxgate compass would/should be somewhere behind my glovebox in the dash ... but I have never located it there. Finally I took off the starboard cubby near the Captains chair to run a new transducer wire from...
  16. hynespa

    Stained Corian in cockpit wet bar

    My Corian counter top in the wet bar has stains that just won't go away. Everything I read says to use "Bar Keepers Friend" - which I have tried several times but the stains keep coming back when it dries. Has anybody else had this problem? I'm sure I am missing something as Corian...
  17. hynespa

    420 DA Thread

    @ASH and @Jaybeaux - thank you both so much for the information. I will preorder the zinc and blade and have this done during my next haulout! (I wonder if my diver can do it?)
  18. hynespa

    420 DA Thread

    During a recent haul out I asked the boat yard about replacing the Vetus bow thruster blade. The boat yard indicated they didn't know the model or which one to order - so i didn't end up having it done before the resplash. I would like to preorder one before the next haul out - does anybody...
  19. hynespa

    Canvas Sun Shade Extension Question

    @LClifton - i’m all down for figuring out the electrical work and maybe even engineering the aluminum tubing for the bimini … But I draw the line at placing a sewing machine on the boat and figuring out how to sew into Sunbrella… That is way outside of my comfort zone…cute sewer though…
  20. hynespa

    420 DA Thread

    Definitely not… Especially not the AC. Do you run your AC 24/7 when you are out on the hook? It may be the climate that I am in but I seldom run the AC. When I am out at the island I really just need power output to keep the fridges running, the lighting, the head, keeping the batteries...