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    210 Sundeck problems

    I had a 210 Sundeck back in the day with the same (vapor lock) problem. Talked to the service people and their recommendation was to let the boat idle for a few minutes before turning off the motor. If you experience the problem again, open up the engine hatch and leave it open for 10 or 15...
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    Mercruiser 5.0 EFI won’t start after stopping to swim?

    Vapor lock is a common problem. There are many postings on the subject if you do a search. One recommendation I can make from personal experience is to let your engine idle with the blower running for several minutes before turning the engine off. That way cool water can circulate thru the...
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    I don't often check in on the forums anymore Frank since we sold our 260DA back in 2015 but I was surprised to see you were selling your beautiful boat. But I do understand your reasoning and wish you the best as you plan out your next boat. And thank you again for all the help you provided to...
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    Interfaced my Navman with Smartcraft

    I have no idea what the part number was for the Gateway. Since this is very old technology at this point, you would be better off trying to contact NAVMAN (if they are still in business) but I doubt you will find one. You also need cables, a junction box, and a C-Map of your local lake. I have...
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    Panama City Beach - Hurricane damage video

    Frank I hope your place and Richard's place didn't get heavily damaged. Good to hear the boat is probably OK. Dave
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    Why is BoatTest,com still featuring the large Sea Ray's that supposedly won't be built anymore?

    Good point about the lead time. Nice to hear from you guys as well. And I still get occasional questions from members on the 260DA via email and the message board.
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    Sea Ray Quality and Customer Service

    What is breaking or perceived as "crappy" or poor quality on the newer Sea Rays?
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    Why is BoatTest,com still featuring the large Sea Ray's that supposedly won't be built anymore?

    Hi's been a long time since I have created a posting on this board. Even though I still don't own another Cruiser, I look in on you guys every so often just to make sure you are all keeping in line. I really miss boating but owning another one is out of the question for me...
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    2006 260DA taking on water in mid sump

    That particular vintage 260DA has a problem with the deck to hull joint seal. Another CSR member had the very same issue with his 260DA as well and I had that issue with mine. The dealer pulled off the rub rail on mine and had to reseal the joint. My water leak while underway caused water in my...
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    Getting more serious about re powering my 260..

    You talk about the fact that getting on plane is not easy sometimes. Have you relocated the "celery stick" on the out drive? If not, do it and it will make a world of difference. Also make sure you are using the proper procedure for bringing the 260DA up on plane. Look at this thread...
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    How much pounding can the hull take?

    i have also read that interior components, such as the head, which are installed as a single unit during the boats construction could break loose from the tabs they are glued to
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    Outdrive Corrosion protection-Part 3

    If you haven't done so, you really need to remove those props and apply the same finish to the Bearing Carrier under the prop. I posted several issues I had with my bearing carrier when I had my 260DA along with some pictures of the corrosion on the bearing carrier. Here is one of my postings...
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    Lake Norman - When is it safe to "spalsh" the boat?

    When I dry stored my boats at Lake Wylie Marina, I usually splashed in early March as well.
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    Lake Norman - When is it safe to "spalsh" the boat?

    We will still get freezing weather in Charlotte thru mid-march so don't drop it in unless you can be sure the boat won't get exposed to those conditions.
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    Help needed - 2006 260DA, water in bildge (pics attached)

    I don't know if I can help or not, but on the US models of the 2006 260DA those holes definitely don't exist. I am positive of this (at least as it applied to my 2006 260DA) since I knew every inch of my boat. Since this area with the holes is an inner liner, I think you need to look elsewhere...
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    School Me On Navman Tracker 5500

    It actual is (was) quite useful because it interfaced with the Smartcraft System on the boat. Unfortunately it will be near impossible to locate the gateway to do the interface anymore because they don't make them anymore. Here is my post about the unit...
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    Questions of buying a new Sea Ray 260 Sundancer

    New fiberglass boats are very, very expensive these days. Have you considered a newer used Sea Ray 260DA and a bigger (used) tow vehicle? I imagine you could do both for the price of a new 260. I would not even think of towing a 260DA with an F150 myself. You need to factor in an extra 1-2000...
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    Decision time between two 260' first boat and opinions welcome, please.

    Both boats are priced very fairly and it doesn't sound like you could go wrong with either one. The 6.2 would be more desirable but don't rule out the 350MAG either. Just pick the one that appeals to you the most for whatever reasons you have personally.
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    260 Sundancer Thread.........Comments questions and answers

    Take a look at this posting I did many years ago. It may help you to determine the source of your water leak.
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    Interfaced my Navman with Smartcraft

    You probably can't find a Northstar Gateway anywhere. They stopped making them several years back. Without that there is no way to do the interface. Sorry.