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    Can't wait for spring / boat purchase

    Welcome to CSR, beautiful boat you have.
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    Mini Scuba Tanks

    Thanks TTMOT, appreciate it. I lost my dive buddy a couple of years ago, so I haven't been down in a little while but I have a good couple of candidates to partner up with and get back in the water.
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    Mini Scuba Tanks

    I too have the Spare Air tank. Backup for diving if my main tanks run out due to a failure. This is a backup safety piece of equipment which should provide enough air to surface in an emergency situation. Mine is old and I should probably have it scoped to ensure the condition is still good.
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    2000 - 2003 480DB (or any SR boat in these years) with Cummins QSM11 Engines

    TTMOT, can't offer any information as we have the CATS in our boat.
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    Springtime shine 2024

    We are ready to go. All done.
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    44DB screen

    I would think your best option would be to have a local glass / door shop make it for you.
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    Golf Carts….. If you have one let’s see it

    Here is the cart we got last season. Made the marina a lot more fun.
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    2023 Springtime Shine thread

    Our boat is starting to get the annual detail job tomorrow. The guys doing it have been very close friends since I was in high school and they are great at what they do. I personally think they are some of the best at it and not just cause they are great friends. I continue to get compliments...
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    So, lets talk weather....

    You got that right, also running red lights seems to be a thing now up here.
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    So, lets talk weather....

    100 MPH is the way of life up here.
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    Great Lakes Ice Update.

    We also enjoy Metro but as Blueone said, we go with the right group of boats and have a blast. A lot of times, I wake up in the morning, not remembering why I had so much fun the night before.
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    Covid - crap

    The Entyvio medication is good. Has done wonders for me!!!!
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    Need new Tender Cover (preferences, styles, colors, issues) please share

    Just finished our 8th season with this cover. Still holding up pretty good and it has the draw string attachment method.
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    So, lets talk weather....

    The Great Lakes are some nice country to boat in. Shorter season, but hey, the boats last a bit longer due to the short season. Our boat just hit 21 years old this year, and to us, it still looks pretty good. To each their own.
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    2023 Haul Out

    We came out last Friday (October 13th). The crew at AHC does a great job but I have a tight squeeze on the port side.
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    Lake Saint Clair Peeps

    The day got away from us. After golf, we went for a quick dinghy ride ( had to test out a motor repair) and then we had dinner and that was all. We had a lot of fun and that contributed to the early night for us. We headed out at the 10AM bridge, when we got back to AHC, we pulled the dinghy...
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    Add last nice weekend of the season

    It was a great weekend. My wife and I enjoyed getting one last boat trip in.
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    2023 Haul Out

    Joe, it was great seeing you on Saturday, even if it was only for a minute. I had planned on stopping by to hang for a while Saturday evening, but we had a little too much fun on the golf course :) Hope you have a great off-season.
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    2023 Haul Out

    That is great. Looking forward to seeing you guys up there. Joe, it has been a little while and I haven't had the chance to meet Shennigans77 yet. I think we will be pulling into the harbor around 11:30AM or so.
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    2023 Haul Out

    Were gonna be over in the long docks, #5. Stop by!!!