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  1. Air O'Nautical

    Arid bilge systems ( dry bilge )

    I have the Arid 2 zone system. Think I’m on my 3rd year with it. Does what it’s designed to do.. I use standard drip shaft packing so, during a run I get a small amount of water in the bilge. The Arid machine works well for this..
  2. Air O'Nautical

    Official 400EC thread

    I just completed my AP install. Started the process 10 years ago…time fly’s :) Its all outdated Raymarine stuff but, works Amazingly well. I’d say pick your favorite brand and get that. If you ever get a new’ll match and likely network easier. I’d recommend Garmin.
  3. Air O'Nautical

    Winter Cover Alternatives

    One alternative I’ve done is to DIY. Get a group of boaters together to split the cost. It’s approx $2/ft after that..
  4. Air O'Nautical

    Engine temperature creeping up when at cruising speed

    Yes, it could. Or it could be several other things. With any heating issue, it’s best to start at the water and work inward after checking the obvious coolant level. Intake clear? Thru-hull. Hose. Strainer. Oil cooler. Seawater pump. Trans cooler. Heat exchanger Exhaust elbows Hull exit. Along...
  5. Air O'Nautical

    Would You Replace Your Gas Generator With Diesel?

    Stupid question, is a diesel generator capable of safely living in a gasoline engine room??
  6. Air O'Nautical

    starboard Engine/transmission rattling noise in forward idle

    I’ve been down this road before.... What your hearing could be the damper plate but, is more likely gear teeth clash in the trans. It’s a known phenomenon and is harmless according to the tranny manufacture. It’s only on one side because of the extra internal gear to reverse the prop shaft...
  7. Air O'Nautical

    Poop Tank Level

    1 100% reason I started noflex..everything works and want it to stay that way.
  8. Air O'Nautical

    Official 400EC thread

    Use OEM parts. You have two choices, the ceramic coated or the E coated. I buy the ceramic but, believe the E coated are fine.. Replace the elbows and gaskets every 5 years without fail. Replace the manifolds every 10 years even if cooled with antifreeze. Check the mounting surfaces are flat...
  9. Air O'Nautical

    Gel-coat repair

    Last years dock rash from a deflated fender in a wind storm vs screw head holding fender to dock! Didn’t do this repair myself due to timing/wx/launch day. Looks okay for my ol’sled. Filler then, Spectrum gel-coat to the rescue..
  10. Air O'Nautical

    Running gear antifouling paint or not?

    Well, the inexpensive Rustoleumn stuff worked great! I just prepped the running gear for this year and the stuff adhered very well and almost zero barnacles..the prep for new paint was easy.
  11. Air O'Nautical

    Mercarb questions

    My go-to for anything to do with carbs
  12. Air O'Nautical

    1992 EC 400
  13. Air O'Nautical

    A request to the CSR Moderators

    I’ve never felt threatened, attacked or uncomfortable while participating in CSR. I do not like the direction a lot of things in the world are currently going but, let’s leave the CSR alone..
  14. Air O'Nautical

    Westerbeke 8.0 BTD Needs a new generator end

    I helped my dock neighbor replace his backend on a 1995 45 dancer diesel Westerbeke. Same process, got it done in the ER. I removed mine to make it easier.
  15. Air O'Nautical

    Westerbeke 8.0 BTD Needs a new generator end

    Three or four years ago.. I recall $2800ish + $300 refundable core for new. Install was no special tools or skills. I’m a Westerbeke 7.0 BCG gas powered.
  16. Air O'Nautical

    Westerbeke 8.0 BTD Needs a new generator end

    Broward is very well regarded. I used they offered new or factory reconditioned. New was only a few hundred more. I self installed, wasn’t bad.
  17. Air O'Nautical

    Switching to AGM batteries, Absorption time?

    Helps to have friends in high places. I’ll be into the battery’s for less than 200 each. So, biggie in “boating dollars”. There’s nothing wrong with the charger. It’s never given me a single problem. I’ll use it till it dies then, buy another Promariner :)
  18. Air O'Nautical

    Official 400EC thread

    Looks the same as my 1995 set up. I’ve just used the same Mercruiser spin on filters for fuel manifold, generator and engines. I replace all 5 every year. I’m sure that’s excessive but, easy and inexpensive. I suppose up could stagger different micron filtration in your fuel delivery system.
  19. Air O'Nautical

    ZF63 replacement?

    Hold on now..... The ZF is a beefy trans. They can make some terrible noises like your saying but, related to the engine. If the engine isn’t running smoothly, it’ll make the trans sound like there’s teeth missing and rattling around inside!