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    SmartCraft Fuel and Speedo Not Working

    Hmmm. Maybe that is it. How do I do the discovery?
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    SmartCraft Fuel and Speedo Not Working

    I have an '04 240 Sundancer with the Mag 350. So my fuel gauge and speedometer are not working. They worked at the end of the season last year. On the first startup this spring they weren't. I replaced the sending unit. The fuel gauge is the last gauge in the order. The speedo is next to...
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    240 Sundancer Water Heater/Water Pump

    I have a 2004 240 Sundancer that is new to me. I know the rectangle with the squiggly line through it is the water pump. Does this also turn on the water heater? If not, how do I turn the water heater on? Is it OK to leave the water pump on even if I am not running the water? Thank you.