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  1. Pyrojodge

    Anyone interested in Lake Erie Sea Ray Rendezvous?

    So, as a partner for the Sea Ray Lake Erie Rendezvous... I'm still around and still an active boater in Lake Erie. Life got busy and priorities changed. They used to be an absolute blast and I really enjoyed meeting everyone the years that we hosted. I'm not opposed to trying to set something...
  2. Pyrojodge

    Sending Unit Replacement 1988 340 Sundancer

    that's because this was referring to the 80's era sundancers.
  3. Pyrojodge

    I'm out of Ideas with my vacuflush (hello all it's been a long time!!!)

    For closure... By blocking off the hoses we found the issue to be between the vacuum generator tank and the vacuflush pump. I removed the pressure switch and found staining under the seal which made me suspicious. I cleaned the sealing surface and the switch and re-assembled and my issue is...
  4. Pyrojodge

    I'm out of Ideas with my vacuflush (hello all it's been a long time!!!)

    Welp, capped the toilet hose and problem persists so that rules out the bowl so it's between the hose in the back of the bowl and the vacuum pump... The saga continues... Going to check the new pressure switch (again) as I rebuilt the old one with a new contactor to rule that out...
  5. Pyrojodge

    I'm out of Ideas with my vacuflush (hello all it's been a long time!!!)

    So I was looking on the googler and didn't see that you can loose vacuum without loosing the water... I mean at this point that's the only thing left... Just seeing if anyone else had any ideas Thank you!!!
  6. Pyrojodge

    I'm out of Ideas with my vacuflush (hello all it's been a long time!!!)

    Yeah, my pump was the old clamp style so I bought one of the new style pumps which includes the bellows
  7. Pyrojodge

    I'm out of Ideas with my vacuflush (hello all it's been a long time!!!)

    Greetings all, So a month ago my vacuflush started to cycle on every 5 minutes run for aprox 10 seconds and shuts off... Things tried to date: New set of duck bills New pressure switch New sanitation hoses (some looked deformed and slightly collapsed at turns) Complete new vacuum pump and...
  8. Pyrojodge

    '89 340 DA Engine issue at low RPM

    Yes, try and swap distributor cap 1st and even possible coil from one engine to the other and see if issue follows If it does then what ever you swapped I'd replace. Great boat by the way!
  9. Pyrojodge

    The big old 80's 340 owners thread

    On my dancer there's access to the horns if you remove the speaker in the cabin mid stbd side. Not sure if yours is in the same location as it's express but worth a peak.
  10. Pyrojodge

    The big old 80's 340 owners thread

    Well, can you switch the tanks and see if the fuel use goes to the different tank. If so then you're probably due for a carburetor rebuild as one engine is probably running rich. The tanks are also not the same sizes just as an FYI.
  11. Pyrojodge

    1990 390 Express for sale

    link: Good luck Doug... It's a nice boat for sure! Mike Simonis sold me my boat many years ago... Was very happy with his service also!
  12. Pyrojodge

    CAD Drawings Needed

    Sure, I could make that up pretty easy.... Does he want it imperial or metric? Metric is easier for me but I can make either work.
  13. Pyrojodge

    We’re finally boating Snowbirds!

    Safe Travels Joe!!! Hopefully I can add this type of trip to my bucket list... Awesome!
  14. Pyrojodge

    Gelcoat Stains

    I used to do this as well... It worked but I did notice that my air didn't work as efficiently as it did because it's pushing less water through my through hull. Just what my experience was that's all...
  15. Pyrojodge

    Gelcoat Stains

    nope, it eliminated the streak on mine as well. It's made not to drip down the hull.
  16. Pyrojodge

    Gelcoat Stains

    You need to just invest in these once you get it clean...
  17. Pyrojodge

    Oil extraction pump I bought one of these years ago and still use it with no issues. I can do both engines without having to dump it...
  18. Pyrojodge

    Marina Comparison - Port Clinton/Marblehead

    Well, like all things it comes to preference. If you are looking for nice marina's west harbor has them and if you want pools and such they are also available. Gem beach had loads of issues this year with the high water. Keep that in mind for next year just in case. East harbor has several...
  19. Pyrojodge

    Hello Again

    Welcome back!!!
  20. Pyrojodge

    When you find that Perfect spot to spend five days

    WOW :rolleyes:o_O:eek: