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    Fridge and Freezer Replacement for a 2006 40' Dancer

    I am looking to replace my fridge and freezer in the galley but am having trouble finding ones that fit my openings (or are close). My fridge opening is 21 1/2" w x 25 9/16" H and my freezer opening is 18 5/8" w x 20 13/16" H. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Aft Curtain for 2006 40' Dancer for Sale

    I just had a full camper canvas made for my 40 Dancer and have no use for the previous aft curtain. It's in great shape. It has 2 24"x24" windows and a zippered entry on the aft port side, where the entry door is located. I'm in Charlevoix MI. Please call or text if you are interested. $250...
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    Free Kit from LOFRANS

    Thanks for your previous responses. I assume the drum is bolted from below somehow? I can't see how to remove from the topsides.
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    Free Kit from LOFRANS

    How did you tension the new spring on the finger?
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    Replacing Windshield Screw Cover

    Where did you find the right rubber? My boat is a 2006 40 Dancer. The rubber insert screw cover is like 1 1/4". Thank you.
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    Replacing Windshield Screw Cover

    The original screw cover is rubber but is shrunken, cracked and dried out. To replace it, do I need to buy the rubber type off or is it as good to use the foam type screw cover. Please supply your opinion. Thx.
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    Pump Alarm, Forward Emergency

    When coming off plane, my 40 Dancer sometimes gives a "Pump Alarm - Forward Emergency". The forward and aft bilge pumps and the shower sump seem to be working fine. Where is the forward pump located and how do I access it? Is it the one just aft of the shower sump? Thank you. Jim
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    Cruising Speed/GPH for 2006 40 Dancer with Cummins 5.9 Diesels

    I just purchased an '06 40 Dancer with Cummins and will be driving it back home - a trip that totals about 350 miles. I need an accurate, unbiased estimate of the cruising speed and associated GPH I can expect. I don't have the luxury of experience. Any information would be greatly...