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    Marina availability

    Hello all! My wife and I are thinking of moving to S. Carolina, specifically the Blufton area. We currently have a 20' bowrider (other brand) but the plan is to move up to a 30-34' Sea Ray in a year or so. I know there are plenty of boat ramps down in the Blufton/HH Island area as well...
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    winterizing fresh water system

    I dont know if it's the same for boats, but for rv's, they make a fresh water inlet adapter, that goes where your hose would go, and has a fitting on to put the air hose.
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    Hello from Vermont

    Congrats and welcome aboard :) Have the leaves started changing where you are?
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    Newport boat show

    Hey all, My wife and I visited Newport yesterday, specifically the boat show. I thought, because it was Friday and cloudy out, that the crowds wouldn't be so bad. wronggggg..parking was a bugger. I finally found a spot as someone was pulling out. I was so happy I forgot to put $ in the...
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    Disturbing Trend

    It's gonna be a fun 2 months!
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    Sea Ray customer support

    everyone needs luvin' come closing time :)
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    New Member Hello from NE

    Congrats! I borrowed my friends SR 230 Weekender on Sat. and took the wife out for a short cruise. Ended up going out to Cuttyhunk and back. She was psyched to find out how close the islands really were, and wants a boat even more now. *the plan is working* Hope you didnt get too much rain...
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    new guy from Mass.

    I'm in Taunton, but grew up in New Bedford. My two buddies both have slips in New Bedford harbor, and that's where I intend to go. I've labored for a couple of weeks about which boat to go for. Our current rv is 36' long with a Cummins 300 hp engine. I would love to get a diesel engine in...
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    new guy from Mass.

    Hi all :) Currently landlocked, but have started looking. My wife and I have decided to move from the rv hobby to the boating lifestyle. We had a 19' bowrider before our first rv, probably...umm..10 yrs ago now. Having grown up near/on the water, we have finally decided that it's time for a...