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    Craziest thing that's ever happened on your boat?

    By far the craziest thing I've ever heard is when my buddy was returning to the marina he actually hit and killed a deer! Yes, he hit a deer in his boat, the deer was swimming to an island to eat the berries. Sent from my crappy iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just for giggles since you are all here, I have a question. Justin Wilson once said "ah eeee, any true Cajun will eat anything he can step on or out walk" is that true?
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    Opinion Please: Vent or Ventless

    I tried a ventless in a small rental I had years ago. Like the others said, drying time is too long and the humidity it creates is terrible.
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    Video of New Boat - 3 min 30 secs

    Sweet! That's very cool! Thanks for posting.
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    Post your boat's name

    . Self explanatory!
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    I'm Down Under!!!

    and you didn't invite me!!
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    A vote please :)

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    And We're Worried About Asian Carp ....

    Well...who is swimming naked anyway? I can see fingers or toes getting bit, but what about the little snakey thing just above the family jewels?
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    A fun day on the water

    That's really great! Good job GFC. You and GW are obviously very generous (and good) people! Thanks for sharing. Sent from my crappy iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sold My Sea Ray and Saying Farewell . . .

    I guess we all stop the bleeding at some point, sometimes by choice. Best of luck to you Sent from my crappy iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Another Malaysian 777 crashes in the Ukraine

    What a tragic loss! Hopefully this will inspire more young Dr's to dive into the infectious disease field. Sent from my crappy iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New member. (Not new boater)

    Welcome aboard. You'll find a lot info from some of the most knowledgeable people here. Good luck on the purchase Sent from my crappy iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Booking a cruise

    By all means Upgrade!! Get express check in and a room with a balcony! Pack binoculars, the most enjoyable part of my time on the ship was sitting on the balcony just before sun up and watching the sea life breach the surface of the water or watching a passing ship. Oh, go eastern. I've only...
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    Spiders spiders everywhere!!

    I soak my dock lines in Downy over night at the start of every season, it really seems to work great but the effectiveness fades after about 4 months and I soak them again for a few hours while at the slip. I guess this could be the same concept as dryer sheets, I'm going to try the sheets in...
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    Pic of our new boat thru Panama Canal today - real time

    I call dibs on the one in the middle! Sent from my crappy iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where is SummerFunII?

    I'm not the praying type, but sure hope you get better soon! I actually miss your bull stuff posts! Sent from my crappy iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Happy Independance Day!

    The holidays always brings out the Loons! I'll happily sit this weekend. Happy Independence Day everyone. Sent from my crappy iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Potential Sea Ray Owner: Is the 240 models from 2000-2006 a good beginner cruiser?

    My F-250 super duty pulling my 240 is like getting a bulldozer to move a shovel full of dirt! The 1500 should be fine if the trailering package includes a transmission cooler? Sent from my crappy iPhone using Tapatalk
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    First taste of humble pie

    I've always heard about this but wondered, Wouldn't fish be floating around? Sent from my crappy iPhone using Tapatalk