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  1. MonacoMike

    What Water Heater In A 2000 460 DA?

    Trying to help a friend. He says he can’t tell where the model tag is without taking apart the cabinet. Does anybody know what model the 2000 460 Sundancer typically had?
  2. MonacoMike

    Carter’s Poopy Powder Recharge Day

    Never noticed before but Noflex has no amount specified of any unit of measure I can see. That seems odd there is no volume or weight on the bottle.
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    Carter’s Poopy Powder Recharge Day

    Did not work for me either. Same issues as you post.
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    Having trouble understanding current events

    Yep, the speaker of the house just couldn’t stomach passing a make America great agenda and quit so he would not have to…
  5. MonacoMike

    Senate Control

    The truth is women control this issue and will get what they demand in mass. So far they are ambivalent about it…
  6. MonacoMike

    OPEC & Fuel prices

    I have come to the realization that energy is freedom and liberty. Anyone restricting energy is restricting freedom and liberty…
  7. MonacoMike

    The future of EVs? Maybe not so bad?

    Electric Vehicle Makers Are Quietly Switching to a Battery Type That Has Even Less Driving Range
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    Your Boat's True Value - Observations from FLIBS

    Looks like we are on the way to the life the WEF believes in… 1. All products will have become services. “I don't own anything. I don't own a car. I don't own a house. I don't own any appliances or any clothes,” writes Danish MP Ida Auken. Shopping is a distant memory in the city of 2030, whose...
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    Diesel shortage looming

    That is not what I have personally seen with my families trucks. A 2020 Ram 350 gets 25+ mpg on the highway and recently got 14 mpg towing a loaded 24 foot box trailer at 80 mph…
  10. MonacoMike

    This summers gas prices....

    Get a diesel and it is way better. A 3500 Ram diesel gets 25+ mpg on the highway and a friend pulling a 24 foot box trailer at high speed got 14 mpg recently.
  11. MonacoMike

    Daylight Saving Time

    What do you not like about DST? I love it because it allows for more daylight later in the day. Can stay out on the water until 9-10pm and still have light at peak summer…
  12. MonacoMike

    Daylight Saving Time

    In the CSR bylaws there is a clause (5/ii/3/a) that explicitly states that on seasonal topics, each successive period can be argued as if the past periods had never occurred.
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    Any way to reduce the station wagon effect?

    As close to zero as I can get it by opening canvas for more air flow.
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    Any way to reduce the station wagon effect?

    I run a CO detector with digital read out at the helm to know when CO is present…
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    Interesting tweet from Musk he is working on getting the goods on the former management team and maybe the board of directors. I asked a friend a few days ago if one pays $44 billion for a company you have a few million to blow on bounties and or rewards to employees that give you the goods...