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  1. Jaybeaux

    The Grim reaper strikes. Official death thread

    Was that the WWII themed place?
  2. Jaybeaux

    The Grim reaper strikes. Official death thread

    In my apartment in West County, St. Louis
  3. Jaybeaux


    Hey Maggie....Relax Francis...Eclipses come and will go on...Except maybe in your Liberal Nirvana! Bring it! Jaybeaux
  4. Jaybeaux

    Springtime shine 2024

    Here we go...the Mop and Glow .......:(
  5. Jaybeaux

    Springtime shine 2024

    Ok, spring time shine contest is OVER. Smoove has a boat on wheels.
  6. Jaybeaux

    Funny Shit

    @USMC(ret) IYKYK
  7. Jaybeaux

    Underwater exhaust issue

    I don’t follow what you’re trying to describe? First, the above water port as you call it is essentially a bypass for when you are at idle. The engine is not creating enough exhaust pressure to overcome the pressure created by the boats draft. The underwater exhaust port is torpedo shaped...
  8. Jaybeaux

    PIB - Lake Erie

    Welcome to the 2024 Presidential Election!
  9. Jaybeaux

    Take me out to the ball game.........

    @highslice We lived in St. Louis back in the 90's. I loved listening to Jack Buck and Mike Shannon on KMOX. You could always bank on Shannon being sloshed by the 7th inning. A group of guys in our neighborhood always talked about getting a limo and taking in a Businessman's Lunch Special...
  10. Jaybeaux

    420 DA Thread

    About that clutch "nut".....I'm having a memory that it is left-handed threads. Am I full of it?
  11. Jaybeaux

    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    We put it across the transom door. No issues...
  12. Jaybeaux

    2024 Kent Narrows MD Rendezvous

    Ok @Blueone is leading this train. The Hyatt at Kent Island, aka Kent Narrows is the venue. October 24-26/27, 2024. At least a Thursday and Friday night stay, with an option of a Saturday night stay for you die hards. You know who you are. @Skybolt is the UNOFFICIAL Master of Ceremonies...
  13. Jaybeaux

    Official Cummins 6cta 450C thread

    Could be stuck injector dumping too much fuel in for amount of air.
  14. Jaybeaux

    2024 Kent Narrows MD Rendezvous

    @Skybolt Which hotel should we "base" out of for those arriving by car? Best Western? Hyatt Place? Hilton Garden Inn? Holiday Inn Express Annapolis East-Kent Island? Thought it would be fun if the "out-of-towners" were confined to a small area!
  15. Jaybeaux

    Springtime shine 2024

    Just wanted to bring "closure" to the side-bar thread on wipers. @Shaps that terminal puller worked like a champ! As mentioned previously, 3 of the knurled pieces stayed on the shafts and one came off in the arm. I had to get a bit creative to use the lug puller to "push" the knurled piece...
  16. Jaybeaux

    2024 Kent Narrows MD Rendezvous

    @Skybolt , isn't @Korkie at Solomons? Ring him up!
  17. Jaybeaux

    Buying and selling private

    My wife has a conference in Philly the 18-23 of October. It would be great to get together there. It is a fun place. @Blueone Are you bringing the boat down or just a car trip? @Skybolt My wife and I will definately be there. The only question is whether or not we arrive by boat or car...
  18. Jaybeaux

    An Investment Thread

    Without getting political.....what high flying IPO isn't lower 6+months down the road? Especially when the insider's lock-up period ends?
  19. Jaybeaux

    Baltimore bridge collapse Unbelievable. 7 Vehicles in the water.