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  1. Jeremygavin

    Official Cummins QSM11 Thread

    I back flush the mains every spring. Barnacle buster every other year.
  2. Jeremygavin

    500/520 DB official thread

    Beautiful boat. Not many of the 520s with the large cockpits out there. Good luck with the sale.
  3. Jeremygavin

    So let's hear about and see your cars.

    I picked up this Bronco used a few weeks ago. 2022 Badlands Sasquatch. 19k miles. I am impressed St. how well it drives down the highway with 35’s on it.
  4. Jeremygavin

    500/520 DB official thread

    My boat is out of the water and accessible in Falmouth MA till April if you could find someone near Falmouth to take measurements and make a mold for you you are welcome to use my boat. I am not sure if they could do it installed or not. The few boat yards near me that I think could manage to...
  5. Jeremygavin

    Bigger Transom Name

  6. Jeremygavin

    External Strainer install

    I agree that it might just prolong it but maybe that would get me through a night or day. I was also thinking the larger hose might let the seaweed make it to the strainer instead of clogging the hose. I have the most issues on the moorings at Edgartown as a lot of seaweed come through the...
  7. Jeremygavin

    External Strainer install

    I have been thinking about something like this as well, but I hesitate to do it for all the reasons you mentioned. I was thinking maybe a better cure is too enlarged the thru hull to 1 1/2” hose and get a larger strainer with 1 1/2” inlet so that it can handle larger quantities of seagrass and...
  8. Jeremygavin

    What causes you the most anxiety while on the water under power?

    For this reason, I hold the dinghy down to the swim platform with turnbuckles and quick release snap shackles with a T handle on it. I can have the dinghy released from the swim platform in about 20 seconds with no tools.
  9. Jeremygavin

    Opinions on Walkerbay

    I have a walker bay 340 generation and love it. I’ve had it for five years now and put about 160 hours on it. The steering has been an issue which I just replaced with hydraulic steering. It was stiffen up quite a bit. Other than that it has been great. I have a 40hp Honda on mine and...
  10. Jeremygavin

    Travis Swift thing

    I was at that Aquapalooza as well. Nice day and she put on a great show even back then.
  11. Jeremygavin

    2023 Haul Out

    I winterized genny and all other systems at the dock a few weeks ago. I came out on last Thursday, winterized the mains and put up my shrink wrap frame same day. Today they came and shrink wrapped. All put away for winter. Sorry about the pics. I can’t get them to load correctly from my iPhone.
  12. Jeremygavin

    FLIBs 2023

    I will be at the show on Friday all day. My wife is usually good till about just after lunchtime and then she goes back to the hotel and I wander around for a few more hours. We were able to get a private showing in the morning on the Maritimo M55 and M60 so we are looking forward to...
  13. Jeremygavin

    500/520 DB official thread

    Yes, I did notice a difference. I added the grease fittings because the seacocks were a little stiff when I bought the boat. The grease helped loosen them up.
  14. Jeremygavin

    500/520 DB official thread

    good point. I added grease fitting to my Groco seacocks and they get greased as part of my spring start up. Groco makes a grease for them that they are very proud of but won't hurt the seals
  15. Jeremygavin

    500/520 DB official thread

    Here’s my winterization checklist. You can ignore the items you don’t need to do being in heated storage but there are some items on the list that could help you.
  16. Jeremygavin

    500/520 DB official thread

    They are engine control components. I can start/stop the engines from them and they have breakers on them for the engines. The box below is the controller for a bilge dry system I installed. It is ok but doesn’t work as well as I was hoping.
  17. Jeremygavin

    500/520 DB official thread

    Thanks. Is that how the pics are working now? I see other peoples pics in the threads without clicking on them.
  18. Jeremygavin

    500/520 DB official thread

    My new winterizing set up. I used to use a 15gal tub with a 1” tube going to the strainer. I would have to block it up high in front on the engines and frantically pour more antifreeze in the tub to keep up with the engines. Also I had to muscle all that antifreeze into the front of the...
  19. Jeremygavin

    FLIBs 2023

    I am going to miss it this year. My wife is away so I need to be the Uber driver for the kids.