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  1. Carpediem44DB

    Big decision made today

    Will do!
  2. Carpediem44DB

    Big decision made today

    It’s been great! So far we kind of use it like we did the 44. We do weekend trips mostly. Next summer we will start doing the PNW trails looking for a place to settle when we pull the plug in California.
  3. Carpediem44DB

    Big decision made today

    So, it’s been a year this weekend that we sold the boat and took delivery of our coach. Looking back, I would not do much differently. I had the opportunity to be a guest on a friends boat for a very prestigious weekend multi club cruise to Tinsley Island in the heart of the Delta. I enjoyed...
  4. Carpediem44DB

    So let's hear about and see your cars.

    I always wanted a GTV, I had a 69 spider that became a 30 year plus project and ran into a opportunity to trade into this driver GTV
  5. Carpediem44DB

    So let's hear about and see your cars.

    We looked at the Porsche SUVs then decided to buy a 2023 Maserati Grecale to accompany the 2016 Quattroporte. Since the wife got a new car I treated myself to a vintage toy, a 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV to add to the stable. Ever since I got rid of the Carver, there seems to be more fun tickets...
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    Isotherm Cockpit fridge for sale

    Yep, I just got off the phone with Remmy. He did get scammed. Bummer deal. Live and learn. To whoever you are that scammed Remmy, I hope Karma comes knocking. How about getting a real job, if you have not noticed, everyone is hiring. Put your computer skills to work for good and quit being a...
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    Funny Shit

    This is not funny in the traditional sense but watching the hypocrites cry about the injustice involved in flying 'migrants' to blue states from the Texas border towns cracks me up! A plane full arrived in Sacramento over the weekend and Newsome was apoplectic about it. How cruel and in humane...
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    Are you a fan of Facebook, Instagram, etc?

    I finally broke down and reestablished my FB account to follow an RV and Alfa Romeo groups but rarely even think to log in.
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    Clarion CMD4 system

    I will have a look but I think I either gave it up or sent it the e-waste. I will look for it and let you know tomorrow afternoon. Cheers
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    To Use a Broker or Sell Direct?

    I sold the Carver myself with an ad on boat trader last October. The market was probably different then. I would use a broker perhaps if they specialize in my particular make and class of boat and by reputation were known to move boats fast and for top dollar. There is one drawback to selling...
  11. Carpediem44DB

    Dock fire at Lake Berryessa in Nor Cal

    Yes we have. The reservoirs have been filling up as a result. Doesn’t keep the climate change fear mongers from spreading doomsday rhetoric though. Woke up last two mornings to snow in our local hills like we used to have every year in the not so distant past too
  12. Carpediem44DB

    Dock fire at Lake Berryessa in Nor Cal

    Fire crews battle large fire at Lake Berryessa ( Our old stomping grounds went up in flames last night. Too early to tell what the total damage was but early indication is 30 boats but a buddy in the Sheriff department said it was more like 50. We had our Rinker 350 in the last end tie...
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    Joke Thread.. post 'em if you got 'em

    Uh...wait a minuteo_O
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    Refreshing break from the common drumbeat

    So, after years of drought in CA and it all being blamed on anthropologic climate change, it has been nice to not have every story about this past series of storms blamed on the same. We live right in the heart of the affected region that has seen almost an entire normal season of rain fall...
  15. Carpediem44DB

    Cummins opposed cylinder diesel engines for marine??

    This technology will be neat to watch and see if it ever scales. It will be interesting to see if the sustainable fuel can ever scale as well and if so I can see this making sense to even the greenies. Diesel and new diesel like fuels are being touted as the future for aviation along with EV.
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    I think I'll pass, thank you very much

    Hey, at least for the plate thing one needs to opt in and order one. The phone thing, by now unless you want to live like the uni-bomber, you need a 5 G cell phone just to live and survive. It has gotten such that it has pretty much been made a legal right to have a phone that the state will pay...
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    Dinghy dock

    There are advantages to being at a poorly run Marina sometimes. Ours in Benicia has a policy of charging $1.00 /foot/month for anything that is in the water in or around your slip. For as long as I was there, I never ran into anyone who was actually charged the fee. The good part is I kept my...
  18. Carpediem44DB

    Brittnwy Griner

    For the same reason you asked the question. For yuks
  19. Carpediem44DB

    Brittnwy Griner

    I crossed my fingers and held my breath just praying that mention of this twit would not sully this forum. Now that it did the comments on the subject are as usual, somewhat measured and reasoned but still not worth my time to consider. CD
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    There has been quite the discussion about this in the recent past regarding the proper placement of the main nut and the Jam nut. As I recall the Jam nut actually goes between the prop and the large nut which is counter intuitive. Some one posted a white paper on the subject that was...