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  1. villain style

    What's the furthest some of you guys overhang past the end of your dock/slip?

    How busy is your marina and how many close calls do you get? Anyone else hanging out also nearby? You don't want to be a lightning rod just waiting to get struck..
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    420 DA Thread

    Here's the manual with parts exploded. It may be a starting point...
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    2024 Kent Narrows MD Rendezvous

    Yes - I am at SH Narrows. Are we having a rendezvous?? I'm in!
  4. villain style

    Buying and selling private

    Couldn't you and he just document the boat with different home ports? Lots of boats have the same name.
  5. villain style

    Baltimore bridge collapse

    Are you in?
  6. villain style

    House guests, am I being unreasonable?

    I'd feel the way you do. I'd have a side bar with the guy and ask him if everything is OK financially? Then take it from there. But you were taken advantage of. No other way to see this.
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    Trump says to give Bud Light a second chance....WTF

    Bingo. This is the issue. When they make whole with the 300 innocent employees who got Effed then I'll not have an issue with Bud Light generally speaking...
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    Hot tubs???

    Ever since we removed our water bed have slept like shit....
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    NEED INPUT: ICE MAKER OR 2nd FRIDGE? What is better?

    I have a fridge in the cockpit area full of beers and such and I like that, but I do have a freezer in the cabin that we put a fresh bag of ice in from Chick Fil A.......
  10. villain style

    I like boat project's almost, maybe as much as, maybe even more than, boating

    I would have to agree 100% with everything you wrote. I feel the same way. Also, I learned that Skin So Soft takes bottom paint right off your skin effortlessly and is much easier than Scotchbrite pads..
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    420 DA Thread

    Alternator Question- The original appears to be a Delco Remy 22SI 130AMP. Are you replacing with the same model or doing something different? Maybe getting them rebuilt? I see the 22SI is now rated at 150Amp..
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    Moonlit Night

    The moon lined up perfectly!
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    420 DA Thread

    I installed the DTU10 in the forward berth. As you mentioned the hoses were connected on the opposite side of the unit but I just extended the hoses and they connected to the unit with no problem.. The additional BTU's upfront have been much better..
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    420/44 DB Owners Club

    I am having the same issue same side - - - 06 44 Sundancer
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    420 DA Thread

    Yup that’s what it is. Thank you. I’ll try to find replacement with these measurements which is helpful since I’m not at boat.
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    420 DA Thread

    06 44 - has anyone replaced the cockpit drain and know that part number or at least what brand sink is there and size of drain? I think it’s 1 1/2”. Not looking to swap out sink just to install a new drain kit.
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    Still struggling with Hurricane Ian repairs

    Do you have a link to the new snaps and which rivets you used?
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    420 DA Thread

  19. villain style

    420 DA Thread

    AIG just dropped us too after 5 years and no claims......
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    420 DA Thread

    AIG thru NBOA was requiring me to get a Survey last year at renewal (July). I told them I've only owned the boat for two years. I just gave you a survey two years ago. They said OK but I bet they require one this year. Since my boat is out of the water already for winter maybe I should just get...