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  1. elreyos

    510 and dishwasher

    I don't recall seeing a dish washer option in any of the owner docs. The only option i'm aware of is the trash compactor. I agree you probably want run the drain to washer dryer line. I don't htink the sump would handle the flow.
  2. elreyos

    gas vs diesel

  3. elreyos

    48 Sundancer Cockpit AC

    The cockpit air on our boat will cool the helm down pretty well even with 100 degree temps. I try not to use it on really hot days when we are anchored because it works the compressors pretty hard, they don't really cycle at all they are locked on to keep things cool. However the 510 uses two...
  4. elreyos

    gas vs diesel

    This is in response to te question of smoothness between the diesel DA and the gasser Da. I own both a 1998 400 and a 2002 510. when I take the 400 out for excersise the first thing that hits me is the relative smooth and quiet on the 400. Now I don't know if this is a fair comparison because...
  5. elreyos

    The best gas horsepower to weight ratio of any stock Sea Ray

    I'm not sure you can convert KW to lb/ft? Lets see where did put that engineering pocket book? I'll get back to you on that one.
  6. elreyos

    What's in your toolbox?

    I got a package of plugs from West Marine. They vary in from about half inch to 2 inches. God forbid you ever need them but you'll be able to hammer em in with that big hammer.
  7. elreyos

    The best gas horsepower to weight ratio of any stock Sea Ray

    I vote we change the measure to Maximum Torque to weight.
  8. elreyos

    The best gas horsepower to weight ratio of any stock Sea Ray

    That beats my pair @.03473. 660x2/38000lbs. I think the 510 was available with bigger engines than the 3196, but i don't know what the HP ratings were. Maybe Frank will way in.
  9. elreyos

    What's in your toolbox?

    You know with reference to the sae vs metric question, I bought one those package deals at Costco with metric and sae sockets and wrenches. it was less than 100$. It's got every thing, pliars, screwdriver bits and handle, allens(sae and metric). It's been pretty handy. I have not done much...
  10. elreyos

    What's in your toolbox?

    I mean wooden plugs.
  11. elreyos

    What's in your toolbox?

    You need a good digital volt/ohm meter, and a cordless drill and bits. Also an assortment of electrical connectors. Oh yes one more thing would be an assortment of would plugs. That should get you started.
  12. elreyos

    Salon temperature

    We have temps well over the century mark, and our salon unit will hold the the temp at 65 deg with no problem. The only time I've and a problem is when the filters get dirty. Are you sure you've cleaned all the filters? I know the DA may be a little easier to cool because we dont have all the...
  13. elreyos

    How to anchor Single handedly?

    Jack I used to do it the way Laze Daze describes, when we had a 24ft Bayliner cruiser. It worked pretty well as long as I droped plenty of rode. It does require a little guess work with reference to swing room and how close you are to shore. Weying anchor was a real pain without a windlass. I...
  14. elreyos

    Clarion radio to Sirius

    I assume he needs the ESN#. If so that will be found on the sat module connected to the radio. If the head unit is sat ready he will need the seperate tuner module. Hope that helps.
  15. elreyos

    Replaced Batteries - Radio No Longer Works

    Going on the original trouble report the headunit not powering up, the issue is power to the radio and not the amps. These Clarion units need main power and power for memory. There are two seperate leads, usually red for main power and yellow for memory. I would check and make sure you have 12v...
  16. elreyos

    Replaced Batteries - Radio No Longer Works

    I don't know how your boat is set up, but mine has a breaker on the main panel in the ER labeled "stereo memory". I have triped that one a few times fooling around and had symptoms like yours.
  17. elreyos

    Liagra anyone???

    Reminds you of JFK. You have to be kidding! I don't know how old you are, but I was around during JFK's time. Obama would call him a "Right Wing Extremist". Remember "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country".
  18. elreyos

    Cummins QSB 380 Operating Loads

    I don't have my engine manuals in front of me. I could be wrong, but I believe I calculated recommendations to be something like 8mins out of every hour of operation at WOT as acceptable. Running a 600hp 8L diesel at Wot is scary. Even though the engines sound like they love it thats a lot of...
  19. elreyos

    Battery Charger - Distribution Block?

    If your boat is like mine used to be I believe thats a splitter/isolator. It allows your charger to charge two batt. strings while isolating them from each other. I've replaced the old Mastervolt with a new one that can handle multple batt. strings. Your isolater looks like it might be "toast"...