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  1. Bov783

    Cummings 5.9BT Throttle adjustment

    Hi all I have a searay 370 Express Cruiser running twin Cummings 5.9 Bt’s I need to adjust the idle speeds to bring both engine to the same position on the throttle controls. No obvious adjustments on the pumps or the throttle synchroniser. Any advice much appreciated Regards Phil
  2. Bov783

    Westerbeke not starting

    Done that but thanks. The wiring diagram shows a 10amp breaker on some models that feeds that side of things but sadly not on mine !!
  3. Bov783

    Westerbeke not starting

  4. Bov783

    Westerbeke not starting

    Sorry 3 cylinder diesel
  5. Bov783

    Westerbeke not starting

    Hi all Just started the 8kv Westerbeke ran for a second or two and stopped. Will not fire. Turns over fine so had a quick look. Seems no power to the fuel pump and fuel solenoids. When you hit the pre heat there is no sign of any power to anything but the starter and plugs. Any ideas where to...
  6. Bov783

    Battery charger

    Hi all We have a 1996 370 express cruiser with Twin Cummins. Just replace all batteries but want to replace the battery charger. Any recommendations please. Regards Phil
  7. Bov783

    Fuel gauge u s

    Hi all Any way to test the gauge. I’m hoping it’s not the sender as it looks difficult to remove!! The connections are G S and I
  8. Bov783

    Uk member

    Hi all We have a 1997 370 Express Cruiser with Cummings engines on shafts. We are in Lincoln uk .
  9. Bov783

    EIM Issue? 2005 280 DA

    Hope you get this sorted. I have a very similar issue, if I run a new ground to a different ground point my dead circuits come live. Can any one advise if a permanent feed to this ground would be safe and leave the existing ground as it is ? Also what dose EIM stand for ? ds Phil UK
  10. Bov783

    Ground fault The

    Hi all i have an electrical issue on a Sea ray 370 EC 1992. There are several electronic items not working which seem to be fed from a designated bus bar. It has a blue notice on it saying 15amp this bus bar is for electronic equipment. I have tested to positive and have 14.1 v on shore power...